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Jagger Gravning avatar 3:23 PM on 08.26.2013  (server time)
Space Needle Prostitutes Self to PopCap Zombies

This happened more than a week ago but it looks like word didn't get out beyond Seattle much and was never reported by Dtoid so I thought I'd mention it briefly.

PopCap would have us pretend zombies were threatening to attack the Emerald City. The mural on the roof of the Space Needle is not visible from the ground, so PopCap flew some journalists up in a helicopter to view it. Actual journalists mind you, not video game bloggers. This is what they are doing with their time. Luckily there are no wars going on right now for us to be concerned about.

The Space Needle tarted herself up for Angry Birds last year. If I sound bitter towards this harmless novelty, it's just kind of a bummer having the symbol of your city being pimped out for commercial use.

The upside is that the Space Needle will indeed acquiesce to your indecent proposal, you horny goats, allowing you to sleep with her for one night, and then she will spread the cash on a bed and roll around naked in it.

Which of your city monuments or symbols would you like to see covered in ads?

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