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Jagger Gravning avatar 8:36 PM on 03.18.2014  (server time)
Protecting Pedophiles and Showing Muhammed's Face

Mollundestria is run by Carnegie-Mellon teacher Paolo Pedercini. The simple flash games make political and social arguments that will strike some as offensive. These include Operation: Pedopriest (you can guess the subject matter), Faith Fighter which depicts religious figures and included Muhammed's face (a face that can get kicked by Jesus or electrocuted by "God", but Muhammed can dish out some mean punishment himself in the Street Fighter-like game.)

We, or really I, chat with him in this extra special short episode of Go For Rainbow. The usual gang wasn't available this week, so we decided to release this short 1-on-1 talk with the mind behind Mollundestria. 

It's a mellower, more sober episode, but I hope you guys like it! Next week we'll be back to yucking it up and reading a couple of comments we've culled from here on Destructoid. 

What do you guys think of the hullaballoo surrounding the depiction of Muhammed's face? How about playing a game where you are helping to protect pedophiles in the Catholic church? Is this your kind of thing or would you rather just have another round of Ms. Pac-Man?

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