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Jagger Gravning avatar 5:24 PM on 01.15.2014  (server time)
Our Chat with Volgarr the Viking Dev + Volgarr Toy!

By the way, the figure pictured above and below of Volgarr was made by Go For Rainbow co-host and 3D printing teen idol DutchMogul of Thingverse. We found out Kris Durrschmidt of Crazy Viking Studios had asked a friend of his who owned a 3D printer to print out the Volgarr figure, that fellow mentioned it to DutchMogul and that was our connection to Kris. 

Okay, that's your anecdote quota for today.

I still have not beaten Volgarr, but part of the problem is that I need to reboot my Mac into Windows Bootcamp, which obviously is a huge hump to get over. Kris mentioned that they are looking into getting the game ported to other platforms, including the Vita and 3DS, so fingers crossed on that. 

We also briefly touch on their upcoming game, which evidently is another retro-style game, that is not a platformer, that involves a girl with plasma weaponry. 

Enjoy the show.

Go For Rainbow Podcast
iTunes or Direct

How much difficulty have you guys had beating Volgarr?

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