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Jagger Gravning avatar 3:17 PM on 09.11.2013  (server time)
I'm a Honky Ninja

Did you kids all have a good time at your wikkle PAXy-waxy? Did you enjoy doing your little costume play? So happy for you. 

I got some PSN vouchers that nabbed me a free Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse, which strangely never got reviewed on this site. Interesting comparing it to the other Disney game remake Ducktales RemasteredCastle's a much better game over all, as Scrooge's pogo didn't work as reliably as it used to, and Remastered's music was a tad castrated. 

Speaking of cosplay, I wouldn't mind if girls wore cosplay all the time, or at least for any special occasion at all rather than relegating this attire exclusively to nerd gatherings. It would have been kind of cool, back during my dating days, if you'd pick a girl up to find she'd spruced herself like Alice or Poison Ivy, just for a crappy dinner/movie date. Guys could do it too of course. I don't mean to ostracize the hairier/smellier sex. Admittedly though, you are not quite on my visual radar as much.  

Anyway, while we were at PAX we recorded a live Go For Rainbow Podcast, doing a versus episode against Big Red Barrelcast. Each episode we steal an element from the show we compete against, and keep it forever. The show is getting pretty rambunctiously full of things we've stolen by this point. 

Anyway, hope you'll have a listen. That's iTunes, you can do the direct thing too.

I live in Seattle, so I was able to longboard or bus to and fro from my apartment, napping midday as needed. Four days was a little much though. Sunday, I only attended one panel, the Dtoid panel, wandered the convention floor for thirty minutes then went home to rest. Hit it hard again on Monday however. 

On Saturday, had the odd expierence of going to the Big Picture theater where they were giving out free drinks and screening two bizarre films: the amazing Miami Connection and a new find for me: Zombie vs. Ninja, where two movies seem to have been spliced together: apparently for the sake of adding some honkies to an otherwise all asian cast. The white folks wore headbands that literally read NINJA on them. 

Jessica Nigiri was there. She was advertised as making an appearance but she wasn't in costume, she seemed to just be hanging out and drinking. She was sitting on some dude's lap, who seemed like her real-life boyfriend.

Anyway, why am I writing all these trivial things? People here on Destructoid seem to have very rigid but unspoken guidelines as to what does or does not constitute a blog post, but I don't believe in following that bullhonkey. I'm just using this as a blog.

Aw, to hell with it.

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