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Jagger Gravning avatar 11:57 PM on 01.24.2014  (server time)
Holy GOTY! Gone Home Dev Steve Gaynor visits the Go For Rainbow Podcast!

My fellow Dtoiders. I'm currently missing out on PS3 FNF to post this (PSN Blood-Pudding). Your humble cBlog podcast is really hitting the big time. This week Steve Gaynor, developer of everybody's game of the year, Gone Home. And next week it will be Ellen McLain, the voice of GLaDOS answering Dtoid community questions! That worked out so well, we plan to harvest Dtoid community questions each week for our guests. 

Also starting next week, we'll have a real live girl co-hosting on the podcast!

In this episode, Jagger and Arian discuss Don't StarveThe Banner Saga, and then go over the GGOTY--Gayest Games of the Year List we found on At Minute 45 our chat with Steve Gaynor begins. We talk about gay and lesbian characters in games, the creation of The Fullbright Company, leaving BioShock Infinite, the financial success of Gone Home and more.

Here's some Gone Home fan art!

Go For Rainbow! subscribe on iTunes or listen Direct: GoForRainbow

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