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We speak with the Bigot Gamer and his experiences recording and exposing Call of Duty bigots of all kinds on his site. We touch on homophobes, racists and more.

Before that we welcome Microsoft Systems Dev Randy Castleberry for a chat focussing on racism in gaming, including Street Fighter IV, Custer's Revenge, Resident Evil 5, Grand Theft Auto V, before winding up at Bronies somehow.

Go For Rainbow: iTunes or SoundCloud, or Direct.

Have you ever been discriminated against online? What's the most racist game you've ever played?

Barbarella: Death by Cosmic Orgasm

On our latest episode of Go for Rainbow we discussed what the future of games might bring.

Summary of our conclusions:

1. Anything like the Holodeck would wind up becoming a brothel, requiring a Starfleet officer whose sole job was clean up.

2. Jane Fonda as Barbarella was hot. 

3. One of our co-hosts had never heard the term "fapping" and had to google it. 

We also touch on the Oculus Rift as well as Sony's Morpheus, before chatting with CALL OF CTHULHU: THE WASTED LAND Dev Tomas Rawlings (recently out on Steam), discussing the the intriguing setting of WWI.

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 Personally, I have no interest in this VR stuff, but I haven't actually tried it since the early 90s.

What do you guys think of the future of games? Lawn Mower Man type immersion? VR brothels? The Matrix?

Hey folks, one of our guests has been the focus of stories on USA Today and The Huffington Post this week. He's making 3D printable armor for Barbie. And he works on arcade machines as his day job! His past games include: Big Buck Hunter and Aliens: Extermination.

We also speak with the producer of the assymetrical co-op game Cyberheistwhich won the student showcase award at the 2014 IGF.

We also discuss at some length comments by Dtoid's own ELSA and UpstartGentleman.

Go For Rainbow Podcast on iTunes or Direct

What do you guys think about weaponizing Barbie? Is this pro-woman? Is this the further militarization of the feminine? Or is it just some cool Barbie Armor?

Mollundestria is run by Carnegie-Mellon teacher Paolo Pedercini. The simple flash games make political and social arguments that will strike some as offensive. These include Operation: Pedopriest (you can guess the subject matter), Faith Fighter which depicts religious figures and included Muhammed's face (a face that can get kicked by Jesus or electrocuted by "God", but Muhammed can dish out some mean punishment himself in the Street Fighter-like game.)

We, or really I, chat with him in this extra special short episode of Go For Rainbow. The usual gang wasn't available this week, so we decided to release this short 1-on-1 talk with the mind behind Mollundestria. 

It's a mellower, more sober episode, but I hope you guys like it! Next week we'll be back to yucking it up and reading a couple of comments we've culled from here on Destructoid. 

What do you guys think of the hullaballoo surrounding the depiction of Muhammed's face? How about playing a game where you are helping to protect pedophiles in the Catholic church? Is this your kind of thing or would you rather just have another round of Ms. Pac-Man?

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What's the first game you can remember playing? I recall standing on a chair and trying out Mario Bros. in the arcade, although I don't think I had put a quarter in. I think my mom just put me up there and let me pretend to play.

As far as home consoles go, I recall being at the house of my mom's friend and discovering an Atari. Even then I realized E.T. sucked.

We discussed the matter of first gaming experiences in our current episode of the world famous podcast Go For Rainbow. (Master System's light gun! The gold NES cartridge!) We also talk with Bryan Perro, bestselling author and writer of the PC game SANG-FROID: TALES OF WEREWOLVES, where two brothers must defend their sister from Satan (apparently werewolves are often satanic in Canada.)

What's the very first gaming experience you remember?

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So let's talk about heterosexual guys who find the idea of being a sexy girl titillating. That's a thing, and the game Gender Bender DNA Twister Extreme is a visual novel about a lab accident switching the gender of a group of guys into cute teenage girls. With large boobs.

Also some of them continue to transform into mermaids, snakegirls and other things. 

The game had a massive success on Indiegogo, overshooting their goal many times over. 

On this episode of the Go For Rainbow Podcast, our co-hosts, who span the LGBT spectrum, discuss the whimsical handling of what could be seen as a sensitive issue.

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Here's the RSS too.

Any heterosexual guys here ever fantasize about being a girl? Any girls know a guy who feels like this? What do you think of the subject being handled in such a happy-go-lucky manner?