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So full disclosure: I do write about games professionally now on other sites.

I'm not usually in the habit of pimping my work here. However, I discovered something in my last piece that seems to be a worthwhile chunk of gaming history. Since I tend to write for mainstream outlets, this element of my peice that I feel would be meaningful to gamers didn't seem to gain notice from gaming sites, despite the article being extremely successful (it was a Top News Story on Twitter for two days and reached the top spot on Digg the morning of it's release.)

So I am posting about it here.

During a profile I did of GLaDOS voice actress Ellen McLain and her husband John Patrick Lowrie (The Sniper from Team Fortress 2) for VICE's Motherboard I happened to discover a song that they had made that was meant as an Easter egg for Portal 2. It's called "GLaDOS Song" and is sung in the persona of GLaDOS and set in the world of Portal. We ended up booking a studio thanks to Motherboard and recording the song afresh. Thought I'd share it here as I feel like, had I not discovered it, I would want to know that it exists simply as a fan.


Here's a link to the profile with the song embedded in it: GLaDOS and the Sniper: A Voice Acting Love Story.



Hey, Dtoiders! I've taken up doing some writing at Motherboard.Vice.Com, and I did a a piece that TIME called the #1 Most Fascinating news on the web today. This is TODAY today. This just happened a few hours ago. So as you can imagine, I'm pretty stoked. Kotaku even wrote an article about my article!!

Here's a link to the TIME article
Inside a Video Game Rehab Clinic and Other Fascinating News on the Web

Here's a direct link to my original article:
A Day at the First Video Game Rehab Clinic in the US

And here's a link to the feature Kotaku wrote ABOUT my article!!!
One Brave Reporter Went Inside America's First Video Game Rehab Center

And here's an earlier piece I did, that was published on Motherboard + Vice where we did experiments playing video games while stoned.
This is Your Brain While Video Gaming Stoned

Ach! So happy!

PS I need some more Wii U friends (Name: GoForRainbow) and PSN friends ( PSN: Blood-Pudding).

My fellow Dtoiders, so I had been in the habit of posting each week about the show I'm involved in (Go For Rainbow) but I think I'll just do a monthly recap from here on out.

Last month we essentially interrupted an interview with Time that Leigh Alexander was giving about women in games, to chat with her about her regular gaming habits, whether she writes in expectation of internet comments, and her book Breathing Machine

Earlier in the month we spoke with the indomitable and lovely critic and developer Ian Bogost about how gaming culture relates to geographical space, when to whip out the PhD cred and more. 

Here's an interview Ian did on the Colbert Report if you missed it.

Ian Bogost on the Colbert Report

On another episode last month, when an interview fell through we sent a message to William Pugh asking for an impromptu interview over Skype, which he granted us on the spot! We asked him how he's living since the huge success of The Stanley Parable HD and asked about his reaction to the New Yorker article mentioning his monetary success: "The Guilt of the Video Game Millionaires." He tells us he's still living with his parents and playing a lot of Team Fortress 2. He might get a Wii U when Mario Kart 8 comes out.

William Pugh at the BAFTAs

Most recently we chatted with the Developer of Four Sided FantasyWhose game may or may not include A CORGI WEARING A DESTRUCTOID HAT. 

We made this episode as the developers were trying to fund their game on Kickstarter. Did Go For Rainbow push the Four Sided Fantasy Kickstarter over the top? Does a loaded phrasing of a question help insert groundless ideas into people's minds?? 

Corgi with a Destructoid hat?!?

Thanks for listening kids! We love you.

Go For Rainbow

iTunes and Direct

My fellow Dtoiders. My wife used to play games with me in her downtime, but now almost all of her free time is taken up with her blog (warning, it's in Japanese.) 

Now when she takes a moment to play, she immediately gets frustrated when things don't go smoothly in the game. For her, it feels like a waste of time.

This is not a big deal. Maybe it's even better for spouses to have separate activities in life to focus on. But it got me thinking, how do you communicate your hobby to others in your life, spouses, SOs, friends, parents, who are not gamers? How do they perceive this strange, apparently juvenile pursuit of yours? 

How do you deal with the non-gamers in your life, when they can't/won't/don't enjoy your hobby?

My Fellow Dtoiders, we are about to record a chat with Four Sided Fantasy dev Logan Fieth about our Five Favorite Games (inspired by the Five Favorite Films mini-interviews on Rottentomatoes.com). 

We are going to record between 12-1 PM Pacific and then immediately publish this afternoon (in order to help promote his amazing Four Sided Fantasy Kickstarter WHICH ENDS TUESDAY!!!)

Here are mine (in no particular order):

Half Life 2


Deadly Premonition 

Link To the Past

Super Mario Bros. 3 or Super Mario World (I CAN'T DECIDE SUE ME)

What are your five favorites??

(And, yes, the Corgi with the Dtoid hat above is concept art from Four Sided Fantasy.)

Hey gang, just thought I'd let you know I wrote this article for Kotaku!!  It's about Infamous: Second Son and its relation to Seattle history. (I live in Seattle). I hope you like it! Let me know what you think!

Is it weird to post about this on my Destructoid c-blog?? I don't know. It doesn't feel weird. It feels pretty good, actually.

Even Superpowers Can't Separate Seattle From It's Dark Past