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Jaffacakelover avatar 1:40 PM on 01.14.2009  (server time)
An unusual tribute to SFII

First off, hello, this is my first blog post on here. I couldn't think of anything good to type here, so I didn't. Simple as. But now something so strange has been uncovered, it has to be shared.

I am moving house in a week or so: This has meant digging 20 years worth of crud out of of every dark corner and isolated cupboard in the house and giving it a day of reckoning. Some awesome things have been stuffed into boxes for transfer, and some strange niknaks have been trick shotted into the nearest bin.

This artefact is one of the strangest items i've found... I opened up the Subbuteo set, finding it in a very ropey condition, but with plastic people, which are apparently no longer made. But two things were notable.
1) There were three teams in the box, not two.
2) The third team had been customised, using paint and paper, to make a team of Street Fighter II characters.

Yeah, you heard me - Street Fighter II Subbuteo.

I loved SFII, even though I was rubbish at it - Even though hammering the Blue button (X) on my colourful PAL SNES controller, while playing Eddie Honda or Blanka, made me nigh-on untouchable. Sometime in the 1990s I, my older brother, or possibly both of us, was struck that kind of genius inspiration only children (or John Travolta in Phenomenon) can get, and this freakish tribute was born.

Chun Li looks like a guy with a pillow stuffed up his jumper... similar to the current Chun-Li then, but with an overall blokey look rather than a butch girl with a pair of legs transplanted from a horse.

Eddie Honda looks like a skinny lad wearing an inflatable sumo suit.

Dhalsim fares better: Notice how he's the goalie, so he can use his Super Stretchy powers to grab the ball? *taps head* Smart.

T. Hawk was not one of my favourite fighters, so I'm slightly glad he appears to have had his ankles blitzed.

I don't know whether to keep these or throw them away - One thing I don't want to do is leave them in the box. I dread the thought of some eBay winner hundreds of miles away opening their package, only to stare at the above pictured marvel in the centre and proclaim "what the..."

One last thing: You know Blanka would make a great defender.

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