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So of all the games that I have ever wanted to come back for a sequel and was fooled into thinking it would happen my favorite was Psychonauts. Some of ( in this humble Bloggers opinion ) the best work that Tim Schaffer and Double Fine have ever done. The unique story of a boy who running away from the circus to become a psychic solider at a summer camp creates a fun experience. While the game play was nothing to write home about it was a successful platformer. The thing that made this game awesome was the characters and the level design. Each level was based around the mind of the characters and man that was seriously awesome.
At some point NOTCH made a comment on twitter about being willing to donate to Double Fine to help in the production of a new game in the series. Well the internet blew up like the death star. Needless to say a few days later the story was marked as an overreaction and the interenet moved on to the Kickstarter excitement.
Nothing left me hanging more than the end of that game. The excitement of going into the actual mental war was mind blowing. I just want that game to continue on, progress the love story, and meet more even crazier characters. We could meet more of Raz's , the protagonist , family. Fight in brand new minds with brand new problems. Multiple personalities would be fun. So would a Fugue state.
O well.