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10:27 AM on 09.27.2010

So I was told to do an intro post so here I go... a little less feverish and high from meds this time.

My name is Jack i am a 21 year old female who likes to kill things.... in video games.
I live in oregon.

I have a wii, a 360, N64, playstation 2, game cube and a PS1. Right now I have been using my 360 more than anything. I love to play survival horror games like resident evil, silent hill, Left 4 dead, ect ect. But I have recently gotten into fallout 3.

I am a cosplayer and I also help with a local haunted house doing makeup FX and scaring the shit out of the portland metro area.

Here is an example of my makeup and costume skills.

uhh yeah. I frequent the forums mostly but I figured I would try blogging.. soo yeah.. hi.

I figured i would try to do this blog thing.

I will probably be bored with this and give up eventually but until then here goes...

It is 5:31 am and i am sick.

Why is it whenever i'm sick i stay up till ungodly times in the morning.. as if that will somehow help me get better. I had to leave work early even though my boss tried to give me 3 lectures which were guilt trips and empty threats of an "attendance issue". until they give me insurance so i can fix my shoulder they can fucking deal.

I've been listening to "Chameleon Circuit" a band that only does songs about Doctor who. So far I have been listening to them non stop. I love their songs and totally geek out on them. I kept thinking " man, they should make a song about K-9 hes so awesome he deserves his own song.." and then tonight.. about 5 min ago I come across " K-9's lament" which is pretty much the worst song in existence next to justin bieber's stuff. It pretty much turns my fave robot dog into a emo human hating robot complaining like a pissed off ex wife who's husband ran off with the 21 year old secretary but still calls her drunk every now and again. K-9 sings about how he was just a slave and a thing to be neglected and how he was so much better than that but they just used him like a toy.. just.. terrible.

So Chameleon Circuit has gone down a point in my book. Maybe it's the cold meds.. maybe its the fact i've " fallen to the communists.." ( a term that will probably show up alot. my only clues to this term is i am female.. and communists are red.) maybe I am just a half delirious exhausted dehydrated nerd who has no idea what she's talking about.. but either way.. that song was disappointing on so many levels. It was like looking forward to going to see a band live only to find out they fucking SUCK live.

In other news I just listened to justin bieber because i felt like torturing myself. "Jack" I said, " I don't think you are suffering enough with the cramps, the headache, the stuffyness, the exhaustion, or the fever.. no, i think you need to listen to some music that will not only make you completely hollow inside but it will melt your brain until it's useless sludge that can be molded into anything the government wants it to be and you'll eventually start downloading it and shopping at banana republic."

Try to keep up here...

I have been reading alot of hyperbole and a half recently and I think i wana start doing something like that myself.... although i have no scanner... but i can think of something.

My boyfriend david( aka Hei) has been trying to help me clean my apartment pretty much all summer with little to no progress. He really has the patience of a saint to put up with me. Most of the time the conversation is

Jack: Honey, we should clean....

David " Ok, where do you want to start?

Jack ".... how bout we start with you getting me a glass of apple juice?"

David" ok...." * get apple juice* " now where do you wana start?

Jack " You start on the dishes and I will uh.. start.. uh... over.. uh here and stuff"

So David will end up doing some of the dishes and i will either make a bigger mess trying to clean or make a pile of stuff until we both get distracted by something and forget to clean all together.

that's a weird word... Distracted... That doesn't even sound right... weird..

Don't you hate it when hyou say a word but all of the sudden even though you've used it 100 times it just sounds WRONG. Like you forgot the english language and now you arn't sure if it is a legit word or if you are just making up words as you go along because you forgot the real word to describe what you are saying... yeah.. I hate that too.