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What if Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo decided to stop competing with each other and just create one console for all their games? Wouldn't it be genius? It would be perfect harmony. All gamers would jump out of their seats and probably head for the cliffs to see if a super tsunami was coming. And this would.......probably never happen. Only in our dreams. But what if?

We would see Mario games on the same console as Halo games and God of War games. Gamers wouldn't debate on which console is better, which has more power or better graphics. No more fanboyism when it comes to consoles. The online system would be like the internet (it's a stupid statement since online system works through the internet), where everyone is connected through the same kind of device.

But this still probably wouldn't happen. There would disputes because of creative differences, wondering what the console needs and what it doesn't. This is least. The main problem would that there'd be no real competition and thus, this machine would be as expensive as an iPad. The games, themselves, might not be that cheap either. And developers would be scratching their heads because knowing these guys, they would want to ensure their consoles last long. They won't have other companies releasing new hardware, influencing them to upgrade their system.

The WiiBoxStation or PlayXWii or XWiiStation would not be a dream, but a nightmare. Unless something else come to compete with it, perhaps the Ouya, it would be too expensive. However, it's not a fact. The Ouya is dirt cheap compared to the others, small and basically allows free-to-play gaming. I think the Ouya could be good if it wasn't free to play and all the games were downloaded or store on a small device - a jumpdrive perhaps. If the WiiBoxStation was like this, it would be a miracle for everyone. They just need the right kind of storage, the most inexpensive way of making it awesome and a great online backing it up.

This could be the future of gaming. When companies and console collide to make one. The question is, would this be a dream or a nightmare?

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