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Podtacular Invades Seattle

Foo Mo Jive and I had the honor of attending the Halo 3 launch event in Seattle. We had a chance to interview and meet a lot of great people. Our proudest moment had to be the interview we had with Marty O'Donnell, which made me a bit nervous, so nervous that I called myself Foo Mo Jive, lol.


Podtacular and the Gamercast Network on XBL!!!

Thanks to our buds at Microsoft and the Gamerscore Blog, you can now set Podtacular or any of our fine affiliates at the Gamercast Network as your gamerpic... for free! Just go to the marketplace blade, then Themes and Game...


Red-rings-of-lightis: The Epidemic.

Just recently, Peter Moore released an apology letter to the Xbox Community. The letter, which sounds sincere, talked about a new warranty that will cover any issues with the “Three Red-lights Of Death”, for the next three ye...


I Got Your Special Edition, Right Here!!!!

Rockstar just announced the contents of the "Special Edition" for Grand Theft Auto. Which is slated for release sometime in October, with a price of $89.99. With this, they offer “Collectors” of the world something to sink th...


My Feet Smell.

Yeah, thats right, they stink. But, that is not stopping me from busting out some tunes on my Xbox 360. I just picked up Guitar Hero 2. A game that I had no intentions of getting, until I went to Best Buy. There, I saw this ...


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