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JTRipton avatar 12:14 PM on 02.28.2014  (server time)
The Five Most Anticipated PS4 Games of 2014

The Playstation 4 is available in the United States, and many video game enthusiasts are looking forward to 2014's video game release schedule. Not only have graphics improved on this upgraded console, but 2014 promises to unveil big name games with impressive storylines and online gaming options.

Metal Gear Solid : Ground Zeros

1998ís Playstationís Metal Gear Solid is one of my favorite games ever, and I believe it was the game that set the trajectory for games to come to be more movie like, more of an experience than just a game. Of course being a fan of the following games, Iím eagerly anticipating the release of the Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain appetizer: Ground Zeros. Releasing March 18[sup]th[/sup] in the States, Ground Zeros is to take part after the events of PSPís Peace Walker, and you play again as Big Boss. Ground Zeros strays away from usual linearity of previous Metal Gearís and opts for an open world experience.

Itís also the first game to use Kojimaís and Konamiís proprietary Fox Engine, a game engine that shoots to be as realistic as possible. While only supposed to be around 2-3 hours (and $30) itís still a must have for any MGS fan, for those unfamiliar to the MGS series, start reading up on the wiki or playing all the previous games, because itís a very complex and convoluted (non-sensical perhaps?) story, so you may get lost otherwise, however the game looks fun as hell regardless.

Infamous: Second Son

This action-adventure game is set seven years after Infamous 2. Infamous: Second Son is slated for a March 2014 release. Control Delsin, a 24-year-old graffiti artist,†in Seattle. He has hidden Conduit abilities and dedicates himself to fighting back against an oppressive regime. His main weapon is a chain that's wrapped around his arm, and he absorbs powers throughout the game. Delsin gets around by grabbing and jumping from ledge to ledge.

Playing Infamous: Second Son will be similar to previous installments of this series.†The action scenes and the main character's superpowers make the game fast-paced. Along with advanced graphics and a riveting story-line, these factors will make Infamous: Second Son a must-have for 2014.


Set for an early 2014 release, Daylight is a horror-themed game from Zombie Studios that's centered around survival. Your character is a woman who awakens in a hospital with no recollection of how she got there. You can only use your character's cell phone light as you navigate each level in a haunted hospital. On her journey, she discovers the hospital's criminal past.

The main character also doesn't have access to weapons. Stay safe by avoiding danger and using your only light source -- your cell phone. This game is a psychological trip that keeps gamers guessing, since each play-through is unique. Daylight is touted as being best played alone in the dark, according to†Zombie Studios' website.†


Halo fans will relish in Destiny's 2014 release. This multi-player shooter promises top-notch graphics and gaming interaction. Destiny is set 700 years into the future in a post-apocalyptic setting. The game focuses on The Guardians who are protecting Earth's last city. The Guardians are separated into three races: Humans, Awoken, and Exo. Players will also be able to pick a class. You can choose from hunter, warlock, or titan.

The characters that you play will be a combination of different races and classes.
This game does require you to always be online with Playstation Plus, so a fast Internet connection from a service provider like†Verizon FiOS is optimal.†With no single-player mode, gamers must commit to playing with others. Destiny is a social, competitive game with a strong story-line.

The Order: 1886

Save the world from half-bred monsters in this action-adventure game. The Order: 1886 allows players to discover a Victorian era England where they can use technologically advanced weapons that didn't exist in the 1800s. The game, however, still feels realistic. Combining history and mythology, The Order: 1886 will be available exclusively on the Playstation 4 in the fall of 2014.†

The Playstation 4 has a vibrant lineup of role-playing games slated for a 2014 release. From action, fantasy, and history, there are many choices that would appeal to a variety of gamers. Utilize Playstation Plus to connect with others gamers all across the world and play multi-player games online.

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