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Getting Your Game Noticed: Some Tips

Developing a great game isn’t enough to make sure that it sells the way it is supposed to. Having a game get noticed is going to take some leg work if you do not have a budget to do copious amounts of advertising. ...


The Best Situations Enjoy Gaming To The Max!

The search for the perfect gaming situation is a journey that will never end for some dedicated gamers. Most people have a different ideal situation for when gaming hits its peak. Each person is different plays games for diff...


Managing your PC game save files

Video games have evolved from the arcade style 0f the 80’s to being the big AAA productions we now know, and those changes have really influenced the way we manage our time spent playing them. Games used to be short enough ...


Top 7 Music Video Games in History

Video games often feature music that helps you get pumped up while playing, but some games take music a little further. Games from the Guitar Hero and Rock Band franchises let you actually use a controller that looks just lik...


What to Wear to a Gaming Interview

Dress codes for most gaming studios and companies tend to be similar to most tech-centred workplaces, casual. However, when it comes to interviews for gaming-related jobs, this is where things can begin to be a little bit wei...


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I'm a avid gamer, since the NES days, I own every major console since then, however I definitely lean towards the playstation side of things. I'm a huge Metal Gear Solid, God Of War, Uncharted, Last of US fan


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