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3:26 PM on 04.21.2015

How to Best Capture, Edit and Share Gaming Videos With Your PS4

Capturing and sharing gameplay videos has been popular for years, but until recently it's required specialized hardware and software. With the latest generation of consoles, capturing your gameplay is easier than ever.  Today we'll look at Sony's approach.

Sony opted to include a gameplay capture feature in the PlayStation 4, conveniently accessible through the Share button on your controller. Recently, the company also released an update to their video editing software, Movie Studio Platinum 13. Here's how to capture video on your PS4 and use Movie Studio to make it shine.

1. Capture the Video

The onboard video capture feature on the PS4 is really easy to use. By pressing the "Share" button on the controller, you get access to a menu of social network sharing options that include uploading a video, uploading a screenshot, and live broadcasting gameplay on one of several video services. The first option, Upload a Video Clip, lets you capture up to 15 minutes of gameplay, or as little as 1 minute. You can either grab footage of gameplay that has already happened by pressing Share once or you can record the upcoming 15 minutes of play by pressing Share twice. To save the video, you only need to press Share again and then press the Square button.

2. Edit the Video

The Share features allow you to do some basic editing right on the PS4, mostly just trimming the video length and integrating some social media functions, but if you want to edit video of your gameplay more extensively, you'll need a USB stick and software like Movie Studio.

With the USB stick in your PS4, go to the capture gallery, click the options button on your controller, then choose 'Copy to USB Storage'. With USB stick in hand, head to your PC.  You'll want to copy the files to your hard drive for the most responsive editing experience in whichever video editing software you choose.

Now you're ready for the post-production process.  You can get a free trial of Movie Studio Platinum 13 at Sony Creative Software's website, and they recently released a version on Steam. It's great for dealing with PS4 footage, but you might like it even if you're on XBOX One or PC.  It supports a wide array of formats, and works well with footage from pretty much any device that has the ability to export video files.

3. Edit Modes

One great thing about Movie Studio Platinum is that is has two editing modes.

  • Simple Edit is for beginners.  This mode lets you quickly cut the video, and add titles, soundtracks, and effects to your project. It's best for quick, to-the-point footage, like showing off your kill streak or the latest cheese.
  • Advanced Edit is more of a full-on movie production mode. This lets you split your video into layers, manage multiple video clips, screenshots, and sound files on the timeline, perform color correction, and make other specific adjustments to the footage.  It even has a chroma keyer in case you want to green screen yourself over game play footage.  Switch to this mode once you're comfortable with the editing environment and want to create compilation videos with a more cinematic flair. Want to show off your no scope 360 headshot montage while blasting MIMS “This is why I’m hot”? DONE.

4. Upload the Video

Once you're ready to reveal your masterpiece, you can post right to your YouTube account without even leaving the Movie Studio interface. If you're interested in posting the video to a different platform, make sure you choose a format that the site you're uploading to supports.  Movie Studio Platinum lets you save videos to WMV, MOV, MPEG-2, MP4, AVCHD, and a dizzying array of other options, so you should be covered.

5. Things to Consider

Sony has taken an upgrade path toward touch-friendly designs. The icons are large - designed for sweeping motions - and the navigation is very touch control friendly. As with most high-end video editing software, Movie Studio is loaded with features. There are plenty of tutorials available to help with the finer points, so the complexity of the software is not insurmountable. 

There are also plugins to enhance Movie Studio Platinum's functionality. The initial download comes with a host of free plugins for things like white balance and some fun but not exactly essential effects. Be careful with third party plugins, though. Make sure to check out reviews to see if any plugins impact the software's performance.

The PS4's onboard video capture and sharing system is a big step forward. Pairing it with good video editing software opens up the world of gameplay sharing to those who have been intimidated by capture cards in the past, while still offering full functionality to experienced gameplay video makers.

 Image Via Flickr User tecnomovida


10:19 AM on 04.02.2015

4 Video Games Teaching Us To Be More Environmentally Conscious

It's no secret that video games and the consoles themselves don't have the greatest effect on the environment, nor is it shocking that different groups worry about the impact video games have on the minds of the children and adults who play them. However, there are games that can teach both kids and grown-up gamers how to take better care of the environment, how to appreciate it, and how to understand it. It's hard to believe that these games and the games that come after them could actually help save the environment.

Star Wars: Episode I: The Gungan Frontier


Image via Wookieepedia

It's almost unbelievable that video games might save the future, but gamers of all ages praise this Star Wars game for introducing players to principles of ecology. One of the premises of the game involves creating an ecosystem and keeping it balanced on a moon that makes the task increasingly difficult. The game teaches lessons such as the life cycles of flora and fauna, how ecosystems work, why homeostasis is important, and why our own environment is so precious.



Image via

This is a simple name for a complex game. Flower is a PlayStation game that focuses solely on nature. The player character itself is simply the wind. Though the game doesn't pay much mind to scoring points or winning trophies, it showcases different landscapes and creates a connection to nature that's rather deep, considering that it's just a video game. It's also incredibly calming, plus it's a wonderful way for people who live in congested areas to experience nature, even if it's on-screen.

Plan It Green


Image via Center for Science

Created by National Geographic, this game involves turning a modern city into an eco-friendly, environmentally conscious community that thrives. The idea is to improve the environment and life in general for the people, animals, and plants that exist in the gaming world. This is the sort of game that inspires players, so that a nine-year-old or an adult might feel inspired to go after their environmental law degree, just to make the tranquility they experience in pixels exist in real life.



Image via

It's funny to think that the Sims might inspire video game enthusiasts to go green, but SimAnimals certainly manages. It taps into a universal love for animals and takes place in forests, where players have total control over not just the resident animals, but also the plants and flowers that grow there. The seasons change, there are areas of pollution, and there is indigenous food. The result is that players learn about cleaning up pollution, different growing seasons, and even the phases of the moon.

While everyone should spend some time outdoors, communing with nature in real life, you can also use your gaming hobby to educate yourself about the environment and to learn ways to improve it for everyone. It helps to know that there are environmentally conscious video games that seek to educate and inspire — not just entertain.


12:14 PM on 02.28.2014

The Five Most Anticipated PS4 Games of 2014

The Playstation 4 is available in the United States, and many video game enthusiasts are looking forward to 2014's video game release schedule. Not only have graphics improved on this upgraded console, but 2014 promises to unveil big name games with impressive storylines and online gaming options.

Metal Gear Solid : Ground Zeros

1998ís Playstationís Metal Gear Solid is one of my favorite games ever, and I believe it was the game that set the trajectory for games to come to be more movie like, more of an experience than just a game. Of course being a fan of the following games, Iím eagerly anticipating the release of the Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain appetizer: Ground Zeros. Releasing March 18[sup]th[/sup] in the States, Ground Zeros is to take part after the events of PSPís Peace Walker, and you play again as Big Boss. Ground Zeros strays away from usual linearity of previous Metal Gearís and opts for an open world experience.

Itís also the first game to use Kojimaís and Konamiís proprietary Fox Engine, a game engine that shoots to be as realistic as possible. While only supposed to be around 2-3 hours (and $30) itís still a must have for any MGS fan, for those unfamiliar to the MGS series, start reading up on the wiki or playing all the previous games, because itís a very complex and convoluted (non-sensical perhaps?) story, so you may get lost otherwise, however the game looks fun as hell regardless.

Infamous: Second Son

This action-adventure game is set seven years after Infamous 2. Infamous: Second Son is slated for a March 2014 release. Control Delsin, a 24-year-old graffiti artist,†in Seattle. He has hidden Conduit abilities and dedicates himself to fighting back against an oppressive regime. His main weapon is a chain that's wrapped around his arm, and he absorbs powers throughout the game. Delsin gets around by grabbing and jumping from ledge to ledge.

Playing Infamous: Second Son will be similar to previous installments of this series.†The action scenes and the main character's superpowers make the game fast-paced. Along with advanced graphics and a riveting story-line, these factors will make Infamous: Second Son a must-have for 2014.


Set for an early 2014 release, Daylight is a horror-themed game from Zombie Studios that's centered around survival. Your character is a woman who awakens in a hospital with no recollection of how she got there. You can only use your character's cell phone light as you navigate each level in a haunted hospital. On her journey, she discovers the hospital's criminal past.

The main character also doesn't have access to weapons. Stay safe by avoiding danger and using your only light source -- your cell phone. This game is a psychological trip that keeps gamers guessing, since each play-through is unique. Daylight is touted as being best played alone in the dark, according to†Zombie Studios' website.†


Halo fans will relish in Destiny's 2014 release. This multi-player shooter promises top-notch graphics and gaming interaction. Destiny is set 700 years into the future in a post-apocalyptic setting. The game focuses on The Guardians who are protecting Earth's last city. The Guardians are separated into three races: Humans, Awoken, and Exo. Players will also be able to pick a class. You can choose from hunter, warlock, or titan.

The characters that you play will be a combination of different races and classes.
This game does require you to always be online with Playstation Plus, so a fast Internet connection from a service provider like†Verizon FiOS is optimal.†With no single-player mode, gamers must commit to playing with others. Destiny is a social, competitive game with a strong story-line.

The Order: 1886

Save the world from half-bred monsters in this action-adventure game. The Order: 1886 allows players to discover a Victorian era England where they can use technologically advanced weapons that didn't exist in the 1800s. The game, however, still feels realistic. Combining history and mythology, The Order: 1886 will be available exclusively on the Playstation 4 in the fall of 2014.†

The Playstation 4 has a vibrant lineup of role-playing games slated for a 2014 release. From action, fantasy, and history, there are many choices that would appeal to a variety of gamers. Utilize Playstation Plus to connect with others gamers all across the world and play multi-player games online.   read

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