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JTHomeslice avatar 6:54 PM on 02.01.2009  (server time)
10 things you don't know about the JTHomeslice.

The reason you don't know these things is because I blog about once every 3 months. But, here you go.

1. I played 3 years of high school football. Next semester will be my senior year, but I really don't want to play.

2. Despite playing football, I can't stand watching football. Just give me the highlights on the morning news.

3. I just got an Xbox last Christmas. I don't have many games yet, but hopefully I will fix that.

4. I play Rock Band/Guitar Hero on Expert guitar/bass, all 4 levels of vocals, and mostly medium drums.

5. The only songs in Rock Band I haven't passed on expert guitar are Visions and Ride the Lightning. I can get up to the outro in Visions and the solo in Ride the Lighting kills me. This might change as I get more DLC. Oh, and I passed Thrasher on my first try :).

5. I also play real guitar. I have a shitty little Peavey. It's alright, and it's sticker slapped. There's a Dtoid sticker on it! I hope I can get a new one for my birthday.

6. I really want to be in a band. I would love to sing, but bass or keyboards or rhythm guitar would be cool too.

7. I am 16, soon to be 17 on Feb. 7th.

8. I live in Maryland about an hour out of Baltimore. I could probably visit Topher some time.

9. I have an odd taste in music. I love ska, metal, punk, butt rock, rock rock, jazz, metalcore, mathcore (Dillinger Escape Plan for the win!), prog, industrial, even some rap and hip hop.

10. My mom makes jewelry and my dad does HVAC work.


11. I was born in Princeton New Jersey.

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