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Hey. I'm a guy who likes the vidja games. I like all different kinds. I also like lots of music. I'm JTHomeslice pretty much everywhere (Twitter, Last.fm, etc.) so add me if you'd like.
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4:08 PM on 03.12.2010


I haven't blogged in a while, so I will pass this on to you fine folks. As Telltale likes to do, they are giving away a free game. This time you can get the final episode of Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People, 8-bit is Enough.

Some of you may be asking "What in the Sam hell is Trogday?" Let me tell you. On this date, January 13, in 2003 a Strong Bad email was put online. It was called dragon. It introduced a a beefy armed dragon named Trogdor who became wildly popular among fans of the cartoons. It was so popular that the Trogdor song was featured in Guitar Hero 2, as seen here.

Anthony was not a fan of this episode, but who cares? It's free. Act fast, it ends tomorrow.

Get it here.

I question why I still get Game Informer. It has absolutely nothing appealing to me. But it makes good turlet readin'. So I'm looking at the pictures page and I glance at the top left corner. I think, "Hmm, that guy on the left looks familiar." I look in the box and it says "Destructoid's Alex Ryan..." Who the fuck is Alex Ryan?

Wait a minute, that Retroforce's own Dyson! He joins Chad in the "Destructoid people who were in the picture section of Game Informer". I just started that club.

And yes, I was on the john when I read this.
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Well, would you look at that. Somebody put a dong in GTA. You'll see it at about 3 minutes in. Is this the first time we've see full frontal in an M rated game?

Chalk one up for Neversoft.

That is a crappy quality image. But, in the lower left hand corner, that my friends is Lemmy. According to Score Hero, he has his own signature mic stand and bass. You don't know how fucking excited I am about this. Yeah, Rock Band 2 has Ace of Spades, but they don't have fucking Lemmy. Neversoft gets a point.

Which makes the score like Neversoft 23, Harmonix 398.


The reason you don't know these things is because I blog about once every 3 months. But, here you go.

1. I played 3 years of high school football. Next semester will be my senior year, but I really don't want to play.

2. Despite playing football, I can't stand watching football. Just give me the highlights on the morning news.

3. I just got an Xbox last Christmas. I don't have many games yet, but hopefully I will fix that.

4. I play Rock Band/Guitar Hero on Expert guitar/bass, all 4 levels of vocals, and mostly medium drums.

5. The only songs in Rock Band I haven't passed on expert guitar are Visions and Ride the Lightning. I can get up to the outro in Visions and the solo in Ride the Lighting kills me. This might change as I get more DLC. Oh, and I passed Thrasher on my first try :).

5. I also play real guitar. I have a shitty little Peavey. It's alright, and it's sticker slapped. There's a Dtoid sticker on it! I hope I can get a new one for my birthday.

6. I really want to be in a band. I would love to sing, but bass or keyboards or rhythm guitar would be cool too.

7. I am 16, soon to be 17 on Feb. 7th.

8. I live in Maryland about an hour out of Baltimore. I could probably visit Topher some time.

9. I have an odd taste in music. I love ska, metal, punk, butt rock, rock rock, jazz, metalcore, mathcore (Dillinger Escape Plan for the win!), prog, industrial, even some rap and hip hop.

10. My mom makes jewelry and my dad does HVAC work.


11. I was born in Princeton New Jersey.