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Dyson in Game Informer!

I question why I still get Game Informer. It has absolutely nothing appealing to me. But it makes good turlet readin'. So I'm looking at the pictures page and I glance at the top left corner. I think, "Hmm, that guy on the l...


Lemmy is in Guitar Hero Metallica.

Chalk one up for Neversoft. That is a crappy quality image. But, in the lower left hand corner, that my friends is Lemmy. According to Score Hero, he has his own signature mic stand and bass. You don't know how fucking exc...


Apparently, UGO owns 1UP now.

It's been rumored that UGO was interested in purchasing 1UP, and now they did. This article says it. They own all their subsites as well. It doesn't mention EGM at all, so who knows what's up them. Yeah, not much to say. Edit: EGM is dead. That sucks. Edit 2: According to Ryan O'Donnell and Matt Chandronait, the 1UP show is dead and the video team has been laid off. That really sucks.


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Hey. I'm a guy who likes the vidja games. I like all different kinds. I also like lots of music. I'm JTHomeslice pretty much everywhere (Twitter, Last.fm, etc.) so add me if you'd like.

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