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JT706's blog

10:48 AM on 05.15.2009

Fan Game Watchlist for May: God damn Square Enix edition

Let's start right offwith the 500-pound Nu in the room: the untimely cancellation of Chrono Trigger: Crimson Echoes. Crimson Echoes was a five-year fan project written to fill in the storyline gap between Chrono Trigger and C...   read

7:11 AM on 04.15.2009

Does Facebook make you dumber? Not as much as the news.

Media outlets are pounding away at a recent study linking Facebook use to low grades. Let's have a look. Time: "Forget the widely unloved redesign. Facebook has committed a greater offense." CBS 4, Miami: "Study Finds Faceb...   read

9:35 AM on 04.09.2009

Fan Game Watchlist for 4.9.2009: Card Sagas Wars is still epic

- Remember Card Sagas Wars, the ultimate crossover fighting game Dtoid first broke last year? After nine months, the site has finally updated again in March, with a few more videos for our Pavlovian salivation. Fifth epic tr...   read

6:44 AM on 04.08.2009

In the end, this is all we're asking for. (video)

Really, is this too much to ask?   read

1:26 PM on 04.01.2009

Expanded universes: The Slam Masters Wrestling Association

SCORPION: Mike Haggar. I'm going to make this simple for you. I have a plan. I'm here to destroy you, and I've planned that destruction down to every last detail. Everybody has something inside them that can be manipul...   read

4:03 AM on 03.26.2009


Available at for as long as it lasts. You buy! You buy now! Actual content coming this weekend. Stay tuned!   read

4:13 PM on 03.12.2009

How 'bout it? Dtoid NARP Delaware Valley

In the interest of filling in the blank space between Dtoid New York and Dtoid Baltimore/DC on Destructoid's NARP World Domination Map, I'd like to propose a NARP group for the Delaware Valley- the tri-state area encompassi...   read

8:49 AM on 03.12.2009

Watchmen: One week later (here there be spoilers)

Itís been close to a week since I saw Watchmen. Now that all the fanboy squee has finally subsided, I can share a few possibly-reasonable thoughts about the film. Naturally, there will be spoilers. Quite a few of them, in ...   read

5:52 AM on 03.06.2009

Watchmen: Buy all our playsets and toys!

Super awesome brownie points to Harry Partridge for raping our childhoods in a wonderful, wonderful way.   read

1:28 PM on 03.04.2009

Belated musings: A cast of thousands: Travis Touchdown

Oh, Travis, you sociopath otaku, why do we love you so much? Is it your shiny lightsaber? Is it your terrific fashion sense? Is it your expansive knowledge of wrestling moves ? Is it your ability to make it with saucy ...   read

7:55 AM on 02.13.2009

Experience get!

Wow, what a thing to wake up to. I just crawled off of my couch an hour ago, and logged onto Dtoid- and that weird new box in the corner says I rocketed all the way up to 2200something in the Destructoid rankings. How did tha...   read

1:59 PM on 01.26.2009

Arbitrary 10: Game commercials

Not the top. Not the bottom. Just ten. 1. Mercenaries 2: "Oh No You Didn't" The game, with its mixed reception, hardly does this spot justice. The gleeful, cash-toned rampage makes a terrific sale by itself, but the star ...   read

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