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How 'bout it? Dtoid NARP Delaware Valley

In the interest of filling in the blank space between Dtoid New York and Dtoid Baltimore/DC on Destructoid's NARP World Domination Map, I'd like to propose a NARP group for the Delaware Valley- the tri-state area encompassi...


Experience get!

Wow, what a thing to wake up to. I just crawled off of my couch an hour ago, and logged onto Dtoid- and that weird new box in the corner says I rocketed all the way up to 2200something in the Destructoid rankings. How did tha...


Arbitrary 10: Game commercials

Not the top. Not the bottom. Just ten. 1. Mercenaries 2: "Oh No You Didn't" The game, with its mixed reception, hardly does this spot justice. The gleeful, cash-toned rampage makes a terrific sale by itself, but the star ...


About JT706one of us since 9:13 PM on 01.06.2008

This is JT IceFire, and you're reading my blog under my previous name. I switched it up when I couldn't stand having a number for an ID anymore. To get to the new stuff, head on over to http://www.destructoid.com/blogs/jt+icefire.

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