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JT Murphy avatar 5:17 PM on 06.07.2013
Saturday night streaming: Smooth McGroove, Mega Ran, Xbone complaining and more!

Hello, Dtoiders! I'm back with more radio goodness.

Tomorrow night on the 8bitX Radio Network, I'm putting together a six-hour supershow, and I'd love for the Destructoid community to join in!

7:00 PM: I'll be talking to YouTube a capella master Smooth McGroove about his rise to internet fame!

8:00 PM: I'm bringing in Mike Maulbeck of Code Avarice, to recap the story of his Stream Greenlight debacle and the overwhelming voter response!

9:00 PM: I'm grabbing some guests and opening the Skype lines! Two other 8bitX hosts will be joining me for an E3 preview that will most likely turn into an Xbox One bitchfest, and we'll be taking callers!

Other guests and events:
Josh Edington of The World Is Square will be drinking beers and embarking on his very first playthrough of Super Metroid. We'll be calling him to find out if he learned how to make Metroid crawl.

Careless of Random Encounter will be dropping by to provide updates on new projects from both him and his band!

Kyle "Comeback" MacFarland of Big E Gaming will talk about the current state of the fighting game community going into one of the most pivotal EVO championships in FGC history.

8bitX Station Manager Will Strouse talked to Mega Ran earlier this week, I'll be playing this hour-long interview in two parts during the night.

I'll be giving away a few games on Steam through the night, including The Binding of Isaac, Atom Zombie Smasher, and Jamestown: Legend of the Lost Colony.

Want to join in? Details are right here on the Facebook event page:

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