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JRisJunior avatar 3:55 PM on 02.01.2009  (server time)
10 things you definitely didn't know about FLeet

1.My brother is Clockwork. Yes indeed, my brother is he. He's actually bigger in the picture than I am. I'm in the small window below his gigantic nose and eyes. He's pretty cool.

2.I'm scared that acting will get in the way of gaming. I don't think it's a huge concern and I do want to act for the rest of my life, most likely, but I'm scared that with all the shows I'll be going out for and all the extra work I'll be doing, it scares me that I might not have time for games at some point.

3.I'm a semi-completionist. Let me explain. I've suffered through some crappy games in my time (Bulletwitch for example....shudder) and even though I may not find any joy in playing the game, I need to at least beat it. And if there are collectibles in a game, I'll try to grab as many as I can in my first run through.

4. My first real system that my family owned was a Game Boy. I played the crap out of that thing. And I'm not talking about the Game Boy Pocket or anything like that, I'm talking about the Game Boy brick that took 4 Double A batteries and sucked power like no tomorrow. I would sit in my living room next to my giant window so I could actually see the screen and just sit and play. Sometimes me and my brother would sit in that room and just game. Not playing anything co-op, but just playing in our own separate worlds. It was loads of fun.

5. I couldn't play Warcraft II or III or Starcraft without cheats. It's a terrible confession. But my style of gameplay is to turtle like crazy and pump out as many units as possible. I couldn't do it fast enough against the computer, so I had to cheat. I think I had more fun cheating that I did when I played those games normally.

6. I love giant robots. It's a very odd turn on (not in the sexual way) of mine, but I love them. I drool over any game that I can play as a giant robot or a transformer of some kind. I think what first made me love them so bad was watching Robotech on old Cartoon Network. Varitech fighters were amazing to me and the fact that they could transform between forms made it even more awesome. I watched the crap out of Gundam Wing and I'm now currently watching Gundam Seed Destiny and loving every minute of it. I've also made it my life goal to obtain a copy of Robot Alchemic Drive. Google it. Watch gameplay. Love it, damn you, love it!

7. Earth Defense Force 2017 is a perfect game and I wouldn't change anything about it. 'Nuff said. I do believe that Colette and anyone else who plays the CRAP out of that game would agree with me.

8. I've pretty much looked the same way for the last 4 years. It's not fair, but it's fantastic. I have a high metabolism so I generally eat what I want and I strangely haven't aged physically since 18. It's friggin creepy. I've been 145 lbs, 5' 10", lanky but muscular built. I wouldn't have it any other way. I still don't care if I get carded at bars. I'm 22, what do I have to worry about?

9. If my brother didn't have a passion for games, I don't think my passion for them would be as strong. Yea, yea, brotherly love crap, but it's true. When me and my brother talk about games, it reaches a whole new level of meaning. We've always fought over who's playing what first, but in the end, just being there enjoying the game together makes it awesome.

10. I'm a very unique individual but caring about people is my main focus. Some people think it's strange when I want to know what's wrong or want to give them a hug for no particular reason. I can see where they're coming from, but they're way off. I care about every person that I meet. They have a life and a drive to live that nobody else can take from them. If a person is feeling like shit, I want to make them feel better. Whether or not they want that help is entirely up to them.

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