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GuruStarr78 avatar 1:17 AM on 05.14.2011  (server time)
Building my "Man-Cave" & more of my collection (with pics) Part I

I just recently moved all my stuff into one of the bigger bedrooms here in our 3 bedroom apartment here on the North Side of Chicago (about 6 blocks from Wrigley Field). I figured I'd give you guys a look at where I'm hanging when I'm not with the wife. It's all still "under construction", so I wanted to hear from you guys what you think of it so far. It's pretty basic and some would say plain for the most part. My family has lived here in this building for over a hundred years, I love the fact that I was able to rent this place from my Dad after I got out of the service and got married (got hitched in March!) This apartment is actually the same one my mom and dad lived in when I was born back in '78, so it's fitting that my wife and I are starting our family here.

Here's where I've got the laptop set up with some nice "manly" pics I hung up (I love asian art and Dragons):

Here's some of my games that I've recently put out. It's nice to look at them, rather than having them sit in a box somewhere. I've posted most of them before, but I've also got my complete GBA classic collection with my Famicom, UK & USA version classic NES Game Boy Advances.

Here's a little bit of my Cub's memorabilia I collected. Living so close to Wrigley Field, I've been able to get alot of autographs and stuff over the years. I've also got some of my Military service medals and recognitions, along with Mr. Dtoid:

Here's some other random pics. Like I said, I really like Dragons. I've also got some pics of my gaming set-up. I keep the current gen systems in here, and the NES stays out in the living room (That's all my wife really plays outside of an occaisonal Guitar Hero or Rock Band game). I've got a 40 inch LCD TV and a Samsung surround sound system (It kicks major ass, especially for games like the new Mortal Kombat, Killzone 3 and the latest Medal of Honor) I highly recommend that anyone with a potential Man (or woman) cave get one, although it tends to almost shake the fucking foundation of this old-ass building.

LOL... I'll leave you with this till next time, here's a pic of my first "man-cave" my Army Barracks in Fairbanks, Alaska back in '02 (you just gotta love the purple walls!)

I'll just leave it at that, for now. Let me know what you guys think, I usually respond to everyone as soon as I get a chance. Thanks for looking, everyone!

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