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JPNags's blog

8:12 AM on 03.31.2012

Hello D'toid!

Hello D'toid community!

Long time lurker, first time member! My name is Jason from southern California and I'm 31! You can just call me Nags! It's a nick name given to me from years at Activision as a tester and floor lead. I also worked at EA as a tester and Square Enix as a game master for the online title Final Fantasy XI. I was a player in FFXI from ps2 launch until about a year ago.

I'm super excited to be here and I'm looking forward to discuss all things gaming. I'm a huge gamer! I play a fuckton of games. Almost everything except hardcore sims ( like flight/train sims) and sports games (but I'm in to fighting games though, 3d and 2d). I own all current gen consoles and handhelds and do some light PC gaming. I'll be joining some of you guys on FNF! Had my first FNF with Battlefield 3 on PS3 with Cornflakejustice as the host just recently and It was good times! I was drinking, Cornflake was drinking... fuck I think we were all drinking. Well i absolutely love the idea of getting people together in this community to do what we love! Actually game! You know instead of like sitting in chat or trolling forums or whatever it is the kids do these days on the internet that is socially destructive.

I grew up in a time where friends got together and played videogames, at home or in arcades. I miss those times! I'm a really upbeat guy and an extrovert, so don't be shy around me! I have a decent education and not a racist! Cool right? Anyway, I look forward to meeting people here to game with online or in real life (*gasp* real life! I know, scary right?) I also hope to become an active member of this community and host some FNF or some meet ups. I have a house here in Los Angeles and I'm open to hosting some truely epic game parties!

So until our paths cross next...

Peace!   read

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