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JJ Rage
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My Fallout 3 CE Unboxing

I got my meaty hands on the Fallout 3 Collector's Edition earlier this afternoon, and figured I snap a few shots of the totally awesome package. My apologies for the blurriness but my camera broke awhile back and all I h...


Happy Birthday Niero: The "Everyone's Doing It" edition

Figured I'd take my turn in wishing Niero and Destructoid a very happy birthday. I truly struggled to come up with an adequate present. After hours of deliberation, I finally came up with the perfect gift. With all the fellatio you're getting today, they'll probably come in handy.


Wii Fit a Blockbuster Video Exclusive?

As A few people here at Destructoid know, I'm an employee of Blockbuster Video. Glamorous, I know. Anyone who's been at a Blockbuster lately has probably noticed a window poster for the upcoming Wii title Super Smash Bros...


1up's Sam Kennedy takes on GameSpot

Over at 1up, editor Sam Kennedy has blogged his thoughts on the GameSpot/Jeff Gerstmann drama. The post goes beyond just skewering the CNet management, however. Kennedy goes into deep historical detail, chronicling a seri...


News in Film: Neil Patrick Harris riding a unicorn

(yeah I'm totally stealing the film news from Snaileb) BEHOLD! The Harold and Kumar 2 teaser has been out for awhile, but the theatrical trailer is now live and glorious. HAROLD AND KUMAR ESCAPE FROM GUANTANAMO BAY NPH on a unicorn. Doesn't really get much better than that. Protip: Rollover the gray unicorn icon on the bottom of the page for a NPH on the Unicorn wallpaper.


Mandatory Christmas Post

Merry Christmas to all my fellow Dtoiders. Hope your Christmas has been great and only gets better. And I'd rather not see anymore bellyaching about how shitty your gifts were. It's free shit, be happy with what you get. Besides, if anyone has room to complain, it's me... ...my stepfather is Jewish.


About JJ Rageone of us since 4:17 AM on 11.10.2006

I call Salt Lake City my home. And NO I'm not a Mormon.


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