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Fearless leader of JForce here, just tryna' spread the good word about our upcoming game, "JForce: UNSTOPPABLE" ...it's coming to Xbox 360, PC, & Mac...it will be legendary.

-cutscenes and spritework by Egoraptor
-more weapons than you can imagine
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In this episode we mess around with frame count, talk about a new possible art direction, and compare our game to Blow Everything Up (we do that a lot actually, same goes for Crimsonland and Babo.

And Jonny keeps sayin he's gonna write blog posts discussing his programming journey on our site, but he's a slacker. I'm going to start forcing him to do so. Starting this week.

PS: About time Destructoid improved their header!

Ok, last episode of concept art discussion. Here's the rest you haven't seen: Flower Mane, the juggernaut character, and the monk character. And here's a group picture with most of the characters. And who thinks the living origami box and Chuck Norris should be in the game?

In other news, Jordan recently launched his new site: JordanBlakey.com. Check it out, he has some really sweet artwork on there. Yes, our artist is that good.

Do you want to be banned from TIGSource? ...TWICE??? Then this video is for you!


So Jordan just finished a spritesheet. Check it out, it looks freakin sweet. No really. IGF Visual Excellence Award here we come. But he can't run the game on his computer, so he needs a video to see his work in action. I decided to make it episode 8. And while I'm at it, might as well show off all the cool new abilities Jonny's added. Concept art discussion will continue next week!

Here's the youtube comments.

PS: does anybody think I'm a dirty spammer for creating this Destructoid blog solely to promote our game?

More exciting discussion of concept art!

The next three episodes will show us discussing character concept art. And, as you can see, we have boomerangs and hookshots in the game now!

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