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JForceGames avatar 9:44 AM on 09.02.2010  (server time)
Making of the Best Indie Game Ever- Ep 18: Unstoppable New Art Direction

So it's official, Egoraptor is now not only doing the cutscenes for Unstoppable, but all the sprite-work too! He was actually the one to make this offer, and initially we said no. Partly because I had already put all this work into my sprites and didn't want to see them go. That turned into my main role and I was contributing so much more to the game. But also because we just didn't think his sprites would be that much better to justify the cost and extra time to get them done. We thought my sprites were fine.

But boy were we wrong.

He showed us a couple samples, and like Ty said, it was an easy decision. They're just so much better than my stuff; way more lively, way better drawn. This man has some serious talent. I think our graphics are right up there with Castle Crashers now. It's actually starting to look like the best indie game ever!

So, you want to see a preview eh? FINE. Here's a taste:

Once we saw this zombie it was a done deal. Way better than mine.

This is exactly what we wanted for the recoil animation. We told him flashing like in Earth Worm Jim, with exaggerated shaking. Came out perfect. Add some vibration, a loud machine gun sound effect, and this will feel so, so right.

And there's plenty more where those came from. That recoil is nothin' compared to all the other, more complicated animations he's got done already. Some very lively, very fluid stuff. You'll get to see it all in our next trailer!

If you want to see a little more, you can check out Egoraptor's recordings of his livestreams he just started doing.

And hey don't forget you can get all our blog posts delivered by email. DO IT.

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