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10:13 AM on 10.08.2010

AWESOME REACH [egoraptor]

Egoraptor's latest in the Awesome Series, maybe his funniest:


I don't understand why this wasn't posted on Destructoid...or Kotaku or Joystiq...   read

9:44 AM on 09.02.2010

Making of the Best Indie Game Ever- Ep 18: Unstoppable New Art Direction

So it's official, Egoraptor is now not only doing the cutscenes for Unstoppable, but all the sprite-work too! He was actually the one to make this offer, and initially we said no. Partly because I had already put all this work into my sprites and didn't want to see them go. That turned into my main role and I was contributing so much more to the game. But also because we just didn't think his sprites would be that much better to justify the cost and extra time to get them done. We thought my sprites were fine.

But boy were we wrong.

He showed us a couple samples, and like Ty said, it was an easy decision. They're just so much better than my stuff; way more lively, way better drawn. This man has some serious talent. I think our graphics are right up there with Castle Crashers now. It's actually starting to look like the best indie game ever!

So, you want to see a preview eh? FINE. Here's a taste:

[embed]182986:32669[/embed]   read

12:21 AM on 04.30.2010

Egoraptor (Metal Gear Awesome) is doing the cutscenes for our game!

The legendary Egoraptor, mostly known for the Awesome Series, is doing the cutscenes for our game JForce: UNSTOPPABLE. In the video below you get to see our first meeting with him and learn the game's plot.


More info in this blog post.

Now tell me that's not fapalicious!   read

4:24 PM on 02.27.2010

The Trailer of all Trailers


Avatar Showdown now available for one dollar! Here's an excerpt from this review:

"Punch out people like Tom Hanks as Forrest Gump, Arnold Schwarzenegger as The Terminator, Mario, and so much more. Get good enough at knocking them out and you could find yourself in a one on one showdown with Chuck Norris himself. I kid you not. If your somehow able to get past him, you'll end up in the most epic showdown of all time and it's not Beyonce. I won't spoil the details, but I'll tell you that you must see it to believe it."

And we even have Peter Molyneux in the game:

And hey we got posted on Kotaku! Is Brian Crecente the new Mr. Destructoid? Also, this game is currently the #1 best seller on Xbox Indie Games. 1,411 sales the first two days! (and that's before Kotaku).

In other news, the shooter we're working on, JForce: UNSTOPPABLE, has a long way to go. We're working on some very epic weapons, plus a new art direction and much more complex levels along with a full-blown level editor. And best of all, we now have the most awesomest (hint hint) animator in the world doing the cutscenes for it.

Oh yes, there will be hype.   read

4:46 PM on 09.30.2009

Xbox Indie Games Make Big Money

Today I reveal how much money the best selling Xbox Live Indie Games have made. As far as I know, I'm the first to put two and two together and make this public (surprisingly), so this is sort of a big deal. Let's get to it:


ZOMB1ES was released August 16. Sometime before Sept. 14th it had 122,000 downloads. On Sept. 17th James Silva said it had 150,000 downloads, and then on Sept. 26th he said it has a 44.75% conversion rate (see here). Based on this we pretty much know the bare minimum it sold, but we can get closer if we predict how many downloads it had between the 17th and the 26th. Since it gained 28,000 downloads between [a date just before the 14th] and the 17th, then surely it had at least 20,000 between the 17th and 26th, though it's probably much higher than that, considering the game has stayed at #1 on the Most Purchased list this whole time. But let's play minimalist and stick with 20k, which brings us to 170,000 downloads, with a conversion rate of 45%; that's 76,500 copies sold at $1 each. Microsoft takes 30% of that (which is actually a great bargain), so James Silva has made at least $53,000 from I MAED A GAM3 W1TH ZOMB1ES. In only 40 days. That's more than I make in 4 years!

Now it gets more interesting once you realize this: you can view the all-time best selling games on your Xbox by going to the Indie Games tab, then Browse, All, and move over to Best Selling. I'm sure this is sorted by number of copies sold, rather than total money earned. The top 3 games are RC-Airsim, Rumble Massage, and James' ZOMB1E game. So we now know that all of these games have sold more than 76,500 copies.


RC-AirSim was released Jan. 20th and cost $2.50 the majority of its existence. Sometime after the Aug. 11th dashboard update, the price was raised to $3. There's no way we can tell how many copies were sold at each price point, so let's take the minimum route again and do the math as if all copies were sold at $2.50. That brings us to $191,250 total revenue. Wow. After Microsoft's cut the creator has made more than $133,875 in 8 months. And we know it's more than that. I'm guessing it's somewhere around $140k-160k. Either way this is pretty shocking. My mind is still boggled from all the months this game spent at #1 on Major Nelsons sales charts. It just does not make sense to me. The game looks so amateurish, so simple; I mean it doesn't even have a crash animation, the game just resets the moment the plane hits the ground. One forum user even questioned the sales charts, proposing the game's success is because of a glitch in the system. What makes matters even more mind-boggling is that this game has gotten very little press. I would have never guessed there's that many people interested in model airplane flying on Xbox Live. For those of you who haven't seen the game, watch the video. Maybe the universe will implode from your collective jaws dropping. Yes, THAT game has made over $134k in 8 months. If it makes you feel any better, the game has gradually disappeared from the weekly top ten once user ratings were implemented, thus ending its reign of terror. A coincidence? I think not.

Rumble Massage

Ah, the first vibrator game. Released Jan. 27th, its numbers should be fairly close to RC-AirSim's. It wasn’t as dominate on the charts, and after the Aug. 11th update the price dropped from $2.50 to $1, so it could be a bit lower than $134k, but it’s probably around the same range. But just think about how long it took to make this game. Literally, this game could be made in less than an hour. Over $130k for an hours’ worth of work. Has that ever happened in the history of the world?! It really is quite genius; OF COURSE the person who turns your Xbox into a sex toy is gonna be rich. No-brainer. The sad part is all the clones. 4 of the top 21 games are vibrators! Really people? Really?

So, summary:

-Time Period: Aug. 16th to Sept. 26th
-Units Sold: around 75,000 to 85,000
-Net Revenue to Developer: around $50k-60k

-Time Period: Jan. 20th to Sept. 26th
-Units Sold: over 75,000
-Net Revenue to Developer: around $135k-160k

Rumble Massage
-Time Period: Jan. 27th to Sept. 26th
-Units Sold: over 75,000
-Net Revenue to Developer: around $130k-150k

Now what does this mean for JForce? Well it’s certainly encouraging for me, considering many people draw comparisons between our game and James’ ZOMB1E game. They do look very similar. Jonny said it wasn’t really that motivating to him though, thinking James “just got lucky.”

I don’t know about that. I mean, if I were to have seen this game before its release, I would have definitely predicted it to be popular. I would have never predicted this much popularity, but I definitely would’ve guessed it’d make a few rounds on the ol’ internets due to the song alone. Obviously that’s the main reason for its massive success. Will our game have a funny song? No, probably not. But it will have a funny story and cutscenes, along with a couple epic promo videos, all of which I think will gain us even more popularity than this ZOMB1ES game. Making more money than it is going to be a challenge though, as our game doesn’t have as much broad appeal and accessibility. It’s a bit more hardcore. But it will be slightly higher priced, so we’ll see.

Also of note is all the people who’ve doubted us throughout development, saying things like “you think you can make $100k from a topdown shooter?!” and the never-ending flash comments like “why would people buy this when they can play free flash games?” If you were one of those people, look at ZOMB1ES and hang your head in shame as you admit you were wrong. Then go jump into a fire.

So in conclusion, Xbox Live Indie Games is a very viable money-making platform, unlike some people think (ahem, *cough*make a better game*cough*). You just need to make an interesting/good game and get press. Or just make a massage game...WITH ZOMBIES IN IT!!! Or just hope for a glitch in the system. :p

And no, these games aren’t making as much as the iphone best-sellers, but that’s different. And who wants to make crappy little mobile games anyway? Bleh. You’ll never see JForce goin down that route…well, unless we want to make the piles of cash we sleep on even bigger

Anyway, what do you think of all this? How much do you think ZOMB1ES will make one year from its release? How much do you think Unstoppable will make?   read

5:50 PM on 08.10.2009


Here's the trailer for our upcoming PC/Xbox Live Indie Game, Unstoppable:



-Epic story with fully animated cutscenes, copious amounts of blood & gore, crazy plot twists, and PUNS.

-Starring MEGA-BLOCKBUSTER-ACTION-VIDEO-GAME-SUPER STAR Jermaine Ubenheimer! Voiced by Arnold Schwarzenegger!*


*not really

Unstoppable   read

4:48 PM on 10.27.2008

Making of The Best Indie Game EVER- Episode 10: "Bad Programming Practices"


In this episode we mess around with frame count, talk about a new possible art direction, and compare our game to Blow Everything Up (we do that a lot actually, same goes for Crimsonland and Babo.

And Jonny keeps sayin he's gonna write blog posts discussing his programming journey on our site, but he's a slacker. I'm going to start forcing him to do so. Starting this week.

PS: About time Destructoid improved their header!   read

1:50 PM on 10.03.2008

Making of The Best Indie Game EVER- Episode 9: "Concept Art - Part 3"


Ok, last episode of concept art discussion. Here's the rest you haven't seen: Flower Mane, the juggernaut character, and the monk character. And here's a group picture with most of the characters. And who thinks the living origami box and Chuck Norris should be in the game?

In other news, Jordan recently launched his new site: Check it out, he has some really sweet artwork on there. Yes, our artist is that good.   read

5:55 PM on 09.30.2008

How To Get Banned From TIGSource... TWICE


Do you want to be banned from TIGSource? ...TWICE??? Then this video is for you!

JForce   read

12:32 AM on 09.24.2008

Making of The Best Indie Game EVER- Episode 8: "Sprites and Weapons, Yo"


So Jordan just finished a spritesheet. Check it out, it looks freakin sweet. No really. IGF Visual Excellence Award here we come. But he can't run the game on his computer, so he needs a video to see his work in action. I decided to make it episode 8. And while I'm at it, might as well show off all the cool new abilities Jonny's added. Concept art discussion will continue next week!

Here's the youtube comments.

PS: does anybody think I'm a dirty spammer for creating this Destructoid blog solely to promote our game?   read

6:12 AM on 09.06.2008

Making of The Best Indie Game EVER- Episode 7: "Concept Art Part 2"


More exciting discussion of concept art!   read

4:43 PM on 08.23.2008

Making of The Best Indie Game EVER- Episode 6: "Concept Art - Part 1"


The next three episodes will show us discussing character concept art. And, as you can see, we have boomerangs and hookshots in the game now!

Tags: zelda hookshot   read

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