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JForceGames's blog

10:13 AM on 10.08.2010

AWESOME REACH [egoraptor]

Egoraptor's latest in the Awesome Series, maybe his funniest: I don't understand why this wasn't posted on Destructoid...or Kotaku or Joystiq...   read

9:44 AM on 09.02.2010

Making of the Best Indie Game Ever- Ep 18: Unstoppable New Art Direction

So it's official, Egoraptor is now not only doing the cutscenes for Unstoppable, but all the sprite-work too! He was actually the one to make this offer, and initially we said no. Partly because I had already put all this wo...   read

12:21 AM on 04.30.2010

Egoraptor (Metal Gear Awesome) is doing the cutscenes for our game!

The legendary Egoraptor, mostly known for the Awesome Series, is doing the cutscenes for our game JForce: UNSTOPPABLE. In the video below you get to see our first meeting with him and learn the game's plot. More info in this blog post. Now tell me that's not fapalicious!   read

4:24 PM on 02.27.2010

The Trailer of all Trailers

Avatar Showdown now available for one dollar! Here's an excerpt from this review: "Punch out people like Tom Hanks as Forrest Gump, Arnold Schwarzenegger as The Terminator, Mario, and so much more. Get good enough at knock...   read

4:46 PM on 09.30.2009

Xbox Indie Games Make Big Money

Today I reveal how much money the best selling Xbox Live Indie Games have made. As far as I know, I'm the first to put two and two together and make this public (surprisingly), so this is sort of a big deal. Let's get to it: ...   read

5:50 PM on 08.10.2009


Here's the trailer for our upcoming PC/Xbox Live Indie Game, Unstoppable: Features: -Epic story with fully animated cutscenes, copious amounts of blood & gore, crazy plot twists, and PUNS. -Starring MEGA-BLOCKBUSTER-ACTION-VIDEO-GAME-SUPER STAR Jermaine Ubenheimer! Voiced by Arnold Schwarzenegger!* -WILDEBEESTS *not really Unstoppable   read

4:48 PM on 10.27.2008

Making of The Best Indie Game EVER- Episode 10: "Bad Programming Practices"

In this episode we mess around with frame count, talk about a new possible art direction, and compare our game to Blow Everything Up (we do that a lot actually, same goes for Crimsonland and Babo. And Jonny keeps sayin he...   read

1:50 PM on 10.03.2008

Making of The Best Indie Game EVER- Episode 9: "Concept Art - Part 3"

Ok, last episode of concept art discussion. Here's the rest you haven't seen: Flower Mane, the juggernaut character, and the monk character. And here's a group picture with most of the characters. And who thinks the living ...   read

5:55 PM on 09.30.2008

How To Get Banned From TIGSource... TWICE

Do you want to be banned from TIGSource? ...TWICE??? Then this video is for you! ___________ JForce   read

12:32 AM on 09.24.2008

Making of The Best Indie Game EVER- Episode 8: "Sprites and Weapons, Yo"

So Jordan just finished a spritesheet. Check it out, it looks freakin sweet. No really. IGF Visual Excellence Award here we come. But he can't run the game on his computer, so he needs a video to see his work in action. I d...   read

6:12 AM on 09.06.2008

Making of The Best Indie Game EVER- Episode 7: "Concept Art Part 2"

More exciting discussion of concept art!   read

4:43 PM on 08.23.2008

Making of The Best Indie Game EVER- Episode 6: "Concept Art - Part 1"

The next three episodes will show us discussing character concept art. And, as you can see, we have boomerangs and hookshots in the game now! Tags: zelda hookshot   read

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