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Being good at videogames once got me laid.

Being good at videogames once got me laid. If it sounds like Im bragging thats because I kinda am. You would too. Not because getting laid is particularly brag worthy (lots of people do it) and not because I subscribe to t...


To my straight white male gaming friends.

Hi friends, This whole 'GaymerCon' thing has come about at quite an opportune moment hasn't it? It has leapt into the public awareness while we're all still discussing the Chik-Fil-A controversy, and really it hasn't been t...


About JFZebone of us since 9:55 PM on 08.06.2010

JFZeb is a Canberra based writer/stilt-walker/performer/mc/mall-santa/doodler/clown/liar/producer/director/ring-master/thief/award-winning-scienceist.

He also plays video games and thinks about them too much.

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