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Teh Bias: FF8 > FF7, because it's mine

Growing up, I was both jealous and competitive. Especially when it came to my cousin. If I didn't have something, I hated it. For example, I loved POGs because I had a decent collection at my disposal. But I hated Frisbees...


Why Roger Ebert is ignorant and wrong

Recently, legendary film critic Roger Ebert expanded on his comments that video games can never be art. As a man who has spent his career, even his entire life critiquing movies, his opinions are held in the highest regard...


About JDefinedone of us since 5:43 AM on 05.16.2009

Hey peeps. I go by "J Defined" 'round these parts (formerly Double J). I'm a 24 year old gamer from Ogden, Utah who likes to stick to his roots. Although the industry continues to evolve, I enjoy a classic 16-bit or 64-bit RPG more than the majority of new titles out there. For that reason, I guess some might call me a retro gamer. Any questions, feel free to ask!

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