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JDUB X avatar 7:13 PM on 06.02.2008  (server time)
The Start of the Affair: Three Games from the Past

I can claim 3 titles as fully instating my love of video games. I don't remember the order that I first played these games but I will try to put them in the order that I think I first played them. These games fully transformed me into the Gamer that I am today

#1 Super Mario Land 2 Six Golden Coins

ignore the lame text in the vid

This is the first Mario game I think I ever played and I must say that it truly was a fantastic game to start on.

The levels are completely different from anything seen in the other Mario games. At the end of each level there is a Bell you have to ring instead of a flag pole. Levels included Space, a haunted graveyard and a giant Mario Robot.

Another Item of note is this was the first ever appearance of Wario. Wario was the villain and he had kicked Mario out of his house and locked the door and the only way Mario could return to defeat him was to collect 6 golden coins that were spread across the world and being held by various bosses.

#2 Kirby's Adventure

I was obsessed with this one. Kirby's Adventure was released right as the NES was on its last breath and is my favorite NES game. Everything about it was amazing; levels, powerups, Enemies, Bosses, everything.

There are seven worlds that Kirby has to progress through to restore the pieces of the Stolen star rod to end the eternal nightmares of the citizens of Dream land. Graphics were amazing for the Nes, but even more incredible is the music. Just listen to the music on the vid and tell me that is not some fantastic video game tunes.

This one is on the Virtual Console for 500 points and I completely recommend it.

#3 Disney's Aladdin

This one is amazing. Disney's Aladdin was released for the Genesis by Virgin interactive and featured an animation style very similar to the Animated film. It also featured music from the film and also music composed by the legendary video game composer Tommy Talarico.

Levels included Agrabah Market, Roof Tops, Cave of Wonders, Inside the Genies lamp, Sultans palace, a Magic Carpet ride, and one of the most exciting side scrolling levels ever, THE ESCAPE FROM THE CAVE! Again note the incredible music throughout this level.

Combat mainly involved Aladdin's Sword but you could also throw Apples and occasionally jump on the backs of Camels and they would spit at the guards. Free lives were gained by collecting golden Aladdin heads amd Continues were bought from the traveling salesman.

This one is easily found in cartridge form for the Genesis and I highly recommend it.

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