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I play a lot of games on almost every system. I have been a Hardcore gamer since the early 90's. I somehow stumbled on to video games when I discovered my parents original Gameboy and NES. From then on I have been playing and I can honestly say I will probably never stop as long as I live. Most of my time is spent Gaming, exploring the internets, and listening to Video Game Podcasts.

My favorite genres are:
Action Adventure, Shooters, Puzzle, Racing, Platform, Portal, Action RPGs, and Music/Rythm.

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So I am browsing NeoGaf and looking at the Gaming Setups 2008 Thread and seeing lots of posts with Nice TVs and a great selection of Current Gen Games, then I see This:


This is the most amazing Gaming collection/room I have ever seen in my entire life.

Complete collections of Lunar, Mother, Zelda, Final Fantasy. This is purely Amazing and This is why I love the Internet.

8:50 PM on 04.17.2008

Damn Straight PONIES!

4:51 PM on 04.14.2008

Rares legacy on the N64 led to a huge majority of my greatest childhood gaming memories and with the upcoming release of the next Banjo Kazooie on 360, I'm hoping Rare will regain some of it's long gone fanbase.

Banjo Kazooie on N64 is in my eyes one of the greatest 3D platformers ever created. It had everything you could ever want in a platformer, Fantastic characters, vibrant and well themed worlds, a great hub world and a wide variety of moves. Banjo Tooie is on the same level but added so much more.

The thing that really made me love Banjo Kazooie was the different worlds that you can explore. I may never have as great of a "gaming feeling" as I had each time I acquired enough Jigsaw pieces to open a new world in the game. Putting the Jigsaw pieces in the puzzles on the wall and then opening a door into a brand new adventure was and is my favorite gaming moment ever.

My favorite world in the game is Mad Monster Mansion, a gloriously detailed haunted house complete with a hedge maze and ghostly music coming from a pipe organ

Now we have a new entry in the series approaching on the 360 this fall. Problem is we know almost nothing about it. A trailer was shown at X06 in August 06 but aside from that and few bits at pieces of info we know nothing.

My question to the D-TOID community is do you think Banjo 3 will save Rare Maybe not not in the eyes of the core gamer or casual market but in the eyes of the true Rare fans? Will Banjo 3 be the game that defines platforming on the 360? Will Banjo 3 be the 360s Super Mario Galaxy? Will everyone ever stop hating on Kameo and realize that is was a good game? These are the questions that need answers.

Here is a vid from 1988 featuring a segment from Inside Edition.

The Subject is Super Mario Brothers and why everyone loves it

It's scary to think how different the main stream media is now.

EDIT: oh yeah, this video has been around the block a few times so it may be "old" to you

It had a good run I guess

I just spent all damn day trying to download the Call of Duty 4 maps, I finally get to play some games with a friend and then after 2 crashes, I get the Red Rings of Death. I will head to Best Buy tomorrow and pick up an Arcade unit with a warranty and then call Microsoft for a coffin

Also This

JUSTICE AT LAST!!!!!!!!!!!

At long last, the man single handily responsible for the voluntary leaving of many Gamespot editors and involuntary and unjust leaving of Jeff Gerstmann has been kicked out the Door.

There will be much rejoicing in the Video Game Journalism industry as well as the game community.