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A scene from the award winning film, BASEketball:

Joseph R. Cooper and Douglas Remeer make their way through a house party and join Steven, who is conversing with an attractive woman.

Cooper: Hey, Skidmark Steve.
Reemer: Hey, dude.
Cooper: Oh cool. You still just hanging out and playing Nintendo?

Skidmark Steve: Well if you must know, I'm in my second year of med school and I'm training for the Summer Games. What are you two up to?

Cooper: Just hanging out. Playing Nintendo. Cock.

Cooper and Remer walk away a little depressed.

Yep. I'm pretty much like Cooper and Remeer, only slightly more awesome.

After obtaining a very useful history degree from an exhilarating university, I studied screenwriting at Vancouver Film School (graduated 2012).

While I continue to write feature and short screenplays, a historical novel that I hope to finish before the turn of the century or zombie apocalypse (which ever comes first), I'm striving to learn everything I can about video game journalism.

What excites me the most about games? What's not exciting about interactive art?!

My favorite game of all time is Super Mario World, but Braid is a VERY close second!

Other Boring Stuff:

Favorite Film = The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
" " TV Show = South Park
" " Screenplay = Black Swan
" " Novel = Dracula
" " Director = Ridley Scott
" " Band = Weezer
" " Video Game Composer = Koji Kondo

So sit back, relax, rage quit, enjoy a delicious beverage of your choice (I'm sipping on Earl Grey tea or Newcastle Brown Ale depending on the day), and hopefully one or two things this gamer has to say.
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Jesse Baule
10:19 PM on 07.15.2014

You would be right to say that Nintendo’s E3 ‘Smash Fest’ is old news, but in light of EV0 2014’s recent climactic ending, perhaps I have a legitimate reason to discuss the epiphany I had while working as a temporary event staff member at the former. While both events offered enthusiasts the chance to play and watch matches, debate which game is the best in the ongoing fighting series, and of course, discuss the upcoming release of Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, something else happened; people actually got together to play and talk about video games face to face, which more than likely influenced the way they voiced their opinions about them.

Now, I am not declaring that people gathering to play video games is some archaic ritual, nor am I trying to downplay the profound impact online gaming, as well as discussions, have had on the gaming world as a whole. However, I believe the ability to remain anonymous on the internet frequently contaminates peoples’ ‘true opinions’ regarding various aspects of games or at the very least, alters the manner in which they meaningfully express themselves.

To be sure, trash-talking along with trolling have come to be accepted by many gamers, and one could legitimately argue that unfiltered online interactions may be more representative of gamers’ ‘true emotions.’ Having said that, there is certainly a fine line between a little friendly trash-talk in the middle of a match or joking on a forum, and unproductive, often hateful comments found on numerous online mediums. What’s more, many of the people who say or write these spiteful things can just disappear into the ocean of anonymity that is the internet.

The aforementioned stands in stark contrast to my experience at ‘Smash Fest.’ Despite the fact that passions ran high at this event, and people disagreed with each other as much as they saw eye to eye, there seemed to be a sense of respect among these fans. And before anyone accuses me of showing favoritism towards Nintendo fans, I do not think that they are inherently more respectful than any other type of gamer. I also feel it’s worthwhile to reiterate that I worked as a temporary event staff member for Nintendo; I am not a full time employee at the company. ‘Smash Fest’ just happened to be the last live gaming event I participated in. Furthermore, no matter how much my friends, coworkers and I or complete strangers may disagree over some aspect of gaming, the fact that we’re looking each other in the eye seems to make us more accountable. I believe this benefits everyone when it comes to promoting worthwhile interaction among gamers.

Maybe it’s just me though? Maybe people are just people no matter where they are and how they communicate? What do you think?
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