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Good afternoon! I feel I need to express my feelings to the Dtoid community. Last Tuesday, I picked up a spectacular game called "RedFaction". It has been shunned by many members of this community for some odd reason(cough BlindsideDork cough Takeshi cough Jimbo cough). The game is top notch. Its has a lengthy single-player and has an addictive online multiplayer. It is well worth 60 bucks and will keep me occupied a lot longer then Infamous will.

Lets get started with the multiplayer. In multiplayer there are tons of weapons. From assault rifles to proximity mines and also a gravitational device that fucks everything up. Oh and I can't forget the Backpacks. The backpacks give the players certain “perks” in game. They are stationed throughout the level.

Here are some of the Backpacks:

Stealth Pack: Turns you invisible for a limited amount of time.
Jet Pack: Do I need to explain?
Concussion Pack: Sends a shockwave of energy out to throw back close-ranged enemies.
Rhino Pack: Allows you to charge through any building destroying anything in your path.

Tremor Pack: Shakes the ground and levels buildings.
FleetFoot Pack: Allows you to run faster.

Here are some of the multiplayer modes that I like:

Capture the Flag: Do I really need to explain this mode?

Demolition Mode: There are two teams. On both teams there is one “Destroyer”. His job is to destroy as many buildings as possible to gain points without being killed. If the destroyer dies then someone else on the team takes the role after a few seconds. This mode can get very crazy.

Damage Control: The are three towers placed in the level. Each team has to control these towers to gain points. To gain points first you have to use your reconstuctor(Its a handy weapon that rebuilds everything from walls to buildings) and if the tower is controlled by the enemy, then you must smash it down with your trusty hammer or explosives first before you can gain control.

There are other muiltiplayer modes, but I play these the most. As you gain experience, you level up and earn different badges and new hammers. The game is tons of fun and offers alot.

Im glad to get that off my chest ;)

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