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JACK of No Trades's blog

4:07 PM on 09.03.2010

PS3 FNF: You guesses it………Makoto, Tager, & MAG Edition!

Howdy folks. I’m back for another fun and fantastic ride. Plant your asses in your couches and get ready for some extreme fun. Lets party like its 2007 & play like we use to play CoD4. Do you remember when Moosehole, Jimbo, Takeshi, Shipero, Nexus, Corak, Vic, Trev, JamesEwing, and many more use to show up every week? Its alright, I forgot too! Maybe one day there will be a game that will bring us together again….


;( Until then, here is the lineup. ;(

BlazBlue @ 9EST or 10EST

Best fighting game on the planet. Come join and have some fun. I will take it easy I swear!

MAG @ Same time & same place host(WoodButcherDan)

Come shoot some people. Get some headshots. Here are some related MAG photos...

[embed]183081:32724[/embed]   read

5:00 PM on 08.27.2010

PS3 FNF Makoto+Tager+MAG

It doesn’t matter if you’re a woman or a man! It doesn’t matter if you’re a old mature lady (Elsa) or man child with a beard (Jimbo)! You can be any race, creed, and color! We don’t care. But! One thing is for sure… PS3 FNF is an extravagant event that no one misses! All you need is a PS3,a controller, and a few select very cool games. First off, let me introduce myself!

I’m JackofNoTrades and I am very cool! I like to play BlazBlue and drink beer. Feel free and required to join the show! But, be warned…I have a mean Tager and a sorry Makoto….




9:53 AM on 08.21.2010

First Look at Valkenhayn in action! BBCS

He looks badass! The DLC is suppose to launch in September. I cannot wait.

[embed]182044:32415[/embed]   read

4:47 PM on 08.20.2010

PS3 FNF: Gadget Finger Edition..... & MAG!






6. REPEAT #5.






6:43 PM on 08.06.2010

FNF BlazBlue CS Edition

I will get to the point.... BlazBlue CS is going to start at 9 EST. Bring your asses down for the fights!


9:07 AM on 06.22.2010

Three Years with Destructoid

It all started back in 2007. I was very young at heart and just got banned from Joystick for having a strong opinion. That’s when Destructoid came into my life. I soon found out that it wasn’t just any game site. It was a close community that shared my common interest. At first, nobody would read my blogs and listen to what I had to say. I got frustrated and begin to manipulate the wonderful community members to gain attention. I started trolling one of the popular guys….his name was Snaileb. Snaileb was a nice guy that knew what Destructoid was all about.

Here are a few of my trolling blogs.

Me being an ass

Me being an ass 2

I wrote shitty blogs and the community members would try to point me in the right direction. I took it the wrong way. I thought their criticism was intended to be disrespectful. It was the opposite. After a few months of trolling I soon to realized how unique and awesome this community is. At the time, I was using computer aided drafting programs for work. One day I decided to model up the Destructiod robot just to see how the Snaileb and the community reacted. It was a success! I named it Mega Model. Most people love the work and patted me on the back. The same members I pissed off were the same ones trying to make me apart of this community. If you want to know what Destructoid is all about look up the words Compassion, Connection & Contribution…and Gaming.

My first model

Soon after the conflict I joined PS3 Friday Night Fights. I remember CoD4 was my first FNF game. Member like Takeshi, Yojimbo, Moosehole, Corak, Trev, Nexus, Balth, Ron, Shipero, Grassroots & many others welcomed me with open arms and still do. I remember many long nights of fun and laughter. Destructoid has been a big part of my life and I will never forget all the fantastic times we have spent together.

Thank you Niero for the three years I will never forget. Thank you Takeshi, Yojimbo, Moosehole, Corak, Trev, Nexus, Balth, Nagemagnet, Bahamutzero, Bluedesign, Justice, Coon, Cowzilla, Cronos, Ron, King, Shipero, Gaybear, Whiteboy, Balmat Blindsidedork, Blehman, Butmac, Grassroots, James Ewing, Hamza, Vic Haste, & others. Forever keep this great community strong and always have a controller in your hand.


5:19 PM on 04.21.2010

Yojimbo....Not the Old Guy....

A Work of Art!

You might know the remake of this film bet­ter than Yojimbo itself. Clint East­wood retold it as A Fist­ful of Dol­lars. I’ve not actu­ally seen A Fist­ful of Dol­lars, but this is the sec­ond time I’ve seen Yojimbo.

What Did You Say?


What kept con­stantly catch­ing my atten­tion was the sub­tle cun­ning and glee that San­juro takes in playing the war­ring gangs against each other. He almost always has a smar­tass grin lurk­ing when open disdain is not present. His phys­i­cal pres­ence suf­fices for the two dimensional sup­port­ing charac­ters he manip­u­lates, but the audi­ence and the innkeeper are privy to the strate­gic mas­tery that is Sanjuro’s true strength.

No chance

A bunch of cowards

The innkeeper shouldn’t be dis­re­garded. He is the only per­son we see in the film that takes an independent role and sees no point in the fight­ing. His dis­dain stands in oppo­site to the undertaker. Sanjuro’s view of the war as an oppor­tu­nity. Their dif­fer­ent opin­ions are based on eco­nom­ics, the innkeeper’s cus­tom has been hurt by the fight, while for the under­taker busi­ness is boom­ing, but they also reflect the per­son­al­i­ties of the char­ac­ters themselves.

Get A Sword Pussy

As San­juro plays one side against the other, the innkeeper slowly comes to under­stand that, though he is mer­ce­nary, San­juro is vir­tu­ous under­neath. An easy dis­tinc­tion between good and evil would not have caught Sanjuro’s atten­tion the way that the bad ver­sus worse sit­u­a­tion that actu­ally exists in the town does. This nov­elty appeals to a true ronin lifestyle, self-serving but not appear­ing so, and well-suited to such a mal­ad­justed, mis­an­thropic per­son­al­ity as San­juro. Even after he gets his ass handed to him and is near death, his spirit is never more alive. This is where it is eas­i­est to see how West­ern in intent is Yojimbo; with its par­tic­u­lar style of deter­mi­na­tion and intent. It is some­what hilar­i­ous but not unex­pected then, that a film made with delib­er­ate West­ern influ­ence would be picked up and redone by a West­ern direc­tor. Although there is prob­a­bly less dif­fer­ence between East and West than mod­ern and traditional.

This film can be easily watched along with the sequel Sanjuro on Netflicks Instant!

Oh, and this...

I Thought I Threw A Stick?!   read

11:45 AM on 08.08.2009

The Evolution of Mr. Destructoid....Mega Model

I've been doing this Mega Model stuff for a long time now. Mr. Destructoid has been modeled many times by me, so I felt the need to show the evolution of him through my eyes. Enjoy! Let me know what you think!!!!!

And now the new MR. Dtoid!!!!!


1:33 PM on 07.23.2009

Mega Model Thursday: Death Star Edition!!

Its been awhile since I have posted any new models. I woke up today and wanted to hop on 3D Max. I decided to model up a Death Star. Hope you guys like them! Remember im not a professional at this shit so don't beat me down too much! Oh, and is anybody else having trouble with PSN today? None of my friends are showing up online?!


11:09 AM on 06.05.2009

Why Is There So Much Hate?!

Good afternoon! I feel I need to express my feelings to the Dtoid community. Last Tuesday, I picked up a spectacular game called "RedFaction". It has been shunned by many members of this community for some odd reason(cough BlindsideDork cough Takeshi cough Jimbo cough). The game is top notch. Its has a lengthy single-player and has an addictive online multiplayer. It is well worth 60 bucks and will keep me occupied a lot longer then Infamous will.

Lets get started with the multiplayer. In multiplayer there are tons of weapons. From assault rifles to proximity mines and also a gravitational device that fucks everything up. Oh and I can't forget the Backpacks. The backpacks give the players certain “perks” in game. They are stationed throughout the level.

Here are some of the Backpacks:

Stealth Pack: Turns you invisible for a limited amount of time.
Jet Pack: Do I need to explain?
Concussion Pack: Sends a shockwave of energy out to throw back close-ranged enemies.
Rhino Pack: Allows you to charge through any building destroying anything in your path.

Tremor Pack: Shakes the ground and levels buildings.
FleetFoot Pack: Allows you to run faster.

Here are some of the multiplayer modes that I like:

Capture the Flag: Do I really need to explain this mode?

Demolition Mode: There are two teams. On both teams there is one “Destroyer”. His job is to destroy as many buildings as possible to gain points without being killed. If the destroyer dies then someone else on the team takes the role after a few seconds. This mode can get very crazy.

Damage Control: The are three towers placed in the level. Each team has to control these towers to gain points. To gain points first you have to use your reconstuctor(Its a handy weapon that rebuilds everything from walls to buildings) and if the tower is controlled by the enemy, then you must smash it down with your trusty hammer or explosives first before you can gain control.

There are other muiltiplayer modes, but I play these the most. As you gain experience, you level up and earn different badges and new hammers. The game is tons of fun and offers alot.

Im glad to get that off my chest ;)   read

11:14 AM on 05.08.2009


Guess what dtoid? Its May 8th of 2009 and its Takeshi(aka Johan Hin)'s BDAY!!!!! No one knows his exact age, but Im placing him around the fourty range lol. Ever since I joined Dtoid, about two years ago, this fucker has been my loyal friend. He is a super nice dutch guy that is funny and crazy. Yes, he is temperamental and sometimes moody during FNF, but we still love him.

He is a great community leader and is a quick draw in FPS's. He hates horror games and anything thats not metal or Pantera. He smokes alot and likes to do coke. (Coke-a-cola you fools!!!!!) His favorite word is "Wanker" and he is going to school to be a Game Programmer or Designer!!! Mr Sadistic and him hang out on a regular bases (I don't know what they do together).

So everybody that LOVES this dutch bastard please leave a comment saying how much you enjoy seeing this guy around!!!!


Oh and here is a recent project I worked on for my buddy's band.


11:09 AM on 10.03.2008

Mega Model Friday: We need more art post edition! Get busy Ceark!

Whats up guys. Its been awhile since I posted some new models. I decided to do some more 3dmax work to show off my amature skills. I just glad its Friday and I get to frag some of the pricks in the community.


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