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Spectacular, yes.

I am 32,live in San Diego. I work at a Game Company that shall remain nameless
(beware the lurkers)doing and writing unspeakable things that look and sound like *bloop-bloorp* all day.

When the elderly laugh, I die a little inside.

I play:

Dat' Madden(Nugga) [stereotype]

What are you wearing?

I am into hip-hop and video games... at the same time. Don't be scared. I am not here to steal your Walkman or whatever it was Jamall did to you that day that made you hate black people forever. If it helps, think of me as that one black dude that dies in the scary movie, but before doing so opens a door or something that the heroes eventually escape through. And at the end of the film when the police and emt's are milling about the crime scene and the heroes are sitting on the edge of an ambulance sipping warm coffee covered in a blanket, they look up to the heavens and they see me,Sidney Poitier,and Morgan Freeman, Nodding our heads in approval.

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