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J4FGAME5 avatar 5:35 PM on 01.14.2014  (server time)
J4F: Gaming for the fun of it.

First off, thanks for reading. I know with all the content out there on the internet it is hard for an individual to sit and read something for more than 5 minutes. So one again thank you.

My friends and I have always been passionate about gaming, whether it was on a console, a handheld or those crappy Tiger Games (See below), we loved it!


Recently we have been seeing a lot of people on YouTube making game play videos, and some were decently funny but most are just normal game play... Boring most of the time, with a couple fun or extraordinary moments strewn about the video.

When we saw this we knew we could do it, be funny and just have a good time so we at Just For Fun (J4F) sat down and did some research on how to produce such a show. We looked into hardware, software (for live broadcasting) and how to edit properly to bring something aesthetically sound and entertaining while keeping the action going. 

Between the 3 of us at J4F we have a lot of experience in the realm of video games and we like to think we're good, but you can be the judge. We just do it for fun, hence the name. There are no pipe dreams of YouTube fame here. Just 3 guys who love video games new and old and would like to share the experience with the new generation of gamers.

Check back often for new updates and videos! Until then, here is our latest video.


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