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2:20 AM on 10.26.2007

It's a Blog...I think...

I kind of like Sammiches. They are very yummy. What I like more are Bananas:

^That is pretty cool.It has Banana's in Pajamas.

You're a towel.

I got Phantom Hourglass the other day and I really like it. Good game but, I am having troubles with the Temple of the Ocean King. I will get it when I have time. Been playing before bed.

Fat people are funny. They remind me of the Ocean. Maybe someone should do a fat person walking with like water effects and Enya.It would be relaxing and disgusting at the same time.

Another game I like is Cooking Mama. I am almost done beating the Wii version. Is that weird? I already beat the DS Version. Or Viva Pinata would be fun.

Paris Hilton is a whore. (For Ron)

Why do people give their friends either candles or Lotion for their birthdays or christmas? What better way to say you don't give a shit.

Did I say I liked Sammiches?

1/2 cup alfalfa sprouts
1/2 ripe, sliced large tomato
1/2 ripe, sliced avocado
1 slice cheese
2 slices whole wheat bread
5 slices of roast beef

^That is a good idea.

^Thats not.

Ok I am done. I never have any good ideas for blogs :(   read

5:05 AM on 09.23.2007

How'd they do that?

Why don't Dinosaurs have gonads? Where be's the penis? D: Someone tell me!

Someone!? Even more confusing...

------------- Anyways -------------------

Going to a few conventions these upcoming months and here is what I have in mind:

- Otakon
- Ani-Magic
- Sakura-con

Shall be cosplaying as Ayame if I have time but I am still working on my Hikari Cosplay. Gotta go buy contacts for it soon but should be easy enough. I am still kinda unsure about this whole blogging thing... What do I put in here anyways!? Oh, I wanna start working on my art porfolio also! So, if anyone has any ideas it would be a lotta help.

Oh! I made a cool cover for windex too:

Nifty huh? :D   read

1:55 PM on 09.05.2007

Apple Product: Ipod Touch

The new Ipod Touch

Personally I am not a big fan of Apple products. Their music players are pretty good but I will not stand for a computer by them. This new product is another music player of course and looks very similar to their iphone. Slim and sleep with touch screen and the capability to buy music on it. (Pfft who does that anymore?)

At first I was sceptical about it but I find my scepticality to have not changed by the very end of the video. Fact of it is, it's just another mp3 player and the price is not something I am too fond of either.

8GB and 16GB Models starting at $299

Expensive much?

The Features:
- Wi-Fi web browsing
- Music downloads from iTunes
- Gorgeous 3.5-inch widescreen display
- Multi-touch interface   read

4:35 PM on 08.29.2007

A Few Nintendo DS Fail Titles

Kinda bored, and in the mood to write so here are some games I played for DS and some I have just looked up (And beat or trying to finish right now, I really shouldn't but I still wanna dispite the fail.)

The Sims 2 - This would have to be the first Sims game I have played up to this point that has a story line. This also would have to be the first Sims game I have played that ever disappointed me to such a degree I wanted to burn it. The story starting out in a western sort of setting in the middle of no-where in a place called Strangetown. Your car coincidentally breaks down and you are soon driven into having to run a hotel. The choices as far as your Sims look is very limited compared to most Sims games and I couldn’t even get any pleasure out of decorating my Sims room. Meeting a few interesting characters along your little ‘journey” the highlight of the game is playing a few mini-games, Taking out bad guys from time to time, and collecting cash off things you find in the desert as well as the people you check in and out of the hotel.

There are aspirations for your Sims similar to that of Sims 2 (PC) but you aren’t just watching over this little person. You are literally moving them about through the game and guess what? You can’t kill off your Sims. Boo. There is obvious use of the D-pad and other DS features in the game such as making music. (You could hardly call these little jingles music but that’s what the box says.) Make Masterpieces on the D-pad and display them in the gallery. (Great for you pixel artists out there.) And then last, you can play “Alien Autopsy”. A cheap little game failing to compete at the surgical game, Trauma Center.

Lunar: Dragon Song - Lunar is part of a larger scale of video games ranging up to 8 games with the titles Lunar: The Silver Star, Lunar: Eternal Blue, Lunar: Walking School, Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete, Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete, Magic School Lunar!, Lunar: Legend, and Lunar: Dragon Song. As well of a known RPG as it is the game Lunar: Dragon Song did disappoint. Having to choose between collecting items from fallen enemies or experience. Items helping with mini quests and money while experience helps your combat and leveling so you have to spend much more time battling random enemies for it, Making your character Run reduces HP, and No name in start up only character names. This is a downside if you have more than one person using the DS and the game. And thus, you have to use your memory to figure out which of the 3 slots is yours are a few of the problems that have their up's and downs. Die-hard fans will disagree while new players to the lunar series will find this ridiculous.

There are also some more favorable options in the game and the use of the D-pad, both screens and the mic also helps the game in its favor. Auto Battle option so you do not have to continue to click and choose which of the attacks to use, and Lots of side quests you can do delivering items around town with collected items or just delivering packages already given to you are two of the most noticeable of features. Lunar: Dragon song is the first original game since the first Lunar and Walking school so if you are looking for continuations you aren't going to find it there. The story is typical for any RPG and starts with two heroins, a boy named Jian Campbell and his friend Lucia Collins (Who coincidentally has the same name as the hero in Lunar 2: Eternal Blue.).

The story taking place 1000 years before Lunar: Silver Star and opens with Lunar lore explaining the goddess Althena. From there the cliche RPG style of things takes over and you eventually are seeing the incorperation of the legend of the dragons (As stated in other Lunar games) and sent out to destroy the evil dragon master who wants to rule the world. It isn’t a surprise the game sold poorly for the game should have had a lot more added onto the story and even the game play itself.

Nintendogs: Chihuahua and Friends - This is sort of self explanitory but honestly how much fun can having a digital pet be? Get a real dog, take on real responsibility huh? Getting a real pet is an experience that brings devotion, responsibility, etc. But with a dog that doesn't die and you can just throw frisbies with and pet with the D-pad? Doesn't make much sense...

Hannah Montana - Only played a demo of this...It is sort of self explanitory as to why it fails.

Cake Mania - This is also a demo I just played..BOOORRIINNGG   read

3:22 PM on 06.10.2007

International Cost of Gaming

There has been war, depession, natural disasters, and poverty in the world. It effects many, but how does it effect gamers? How does minimum wage and the cost of living effect us? In many countries in the world the new generation systems are just too much. There are many variables to consider…food, rent, clothing, etc. and the luxuries we have are only dreams for other people. The graph below shows by country the minimum wage and monthly earnings in US dollars. This cost does NOT include food, housing, and clothes but shows how many games a person on average could get without these variables added.

Locations were chosen at random and as a brief explination the graph shows how many games a person could buy monthly not inluding food,housing, and clothing. The numbers were found at and the money was transfered from their original currency to USD from the following:

Some regions are well able to get the games they want and live life normally, but others are lacking in resources and can hardly pay for their living and food costs You have to think about the cost of living when looking at the graph because the money systems are all different. It does cost more to live in japan so all of their money isn’t just going to go to games. Considering some areas around Iraq and Iran are at war they probably don’t have time for things like gaming because they are in a crisis. With the way things are going on these new gen systems, if the prices go any higher people with the average income will not buy them. $600 for the PS3 was really pushing it and therefore the sales aren’t as good as they could be. There are a number reasons why people aren’t buying it but I would say cost is one of the major effects on sales. $100-$400 seems about right on average but any higher is really pushing it.

I wrote this for another blog I am apart of so if you want to see more interesting peices check out:   read

8:46 PM on 06.06.2007

Then & Now (Rant)


Talk about going back to the past... A few days ago I found a box of my dad's old games he had on the computer for my younger brother and I to play. Duke Nukem 1 & 2, Monster Bash, Crystal Caves, Doom, and a variety of "Learning/Kid friendly" games. It makes you realize how far games have come and how different this new generations gaming experience is. Growing up with a wii, ps3, xbox 360, and World of Warcraft?

For better or For worse?

"Children spend a great deal of time with violent video games at exactly the ages that they should be learning healthy ways to relate to other people and to resolve conflicts peacefully. Because video games are such good teachers, it is critical to help parents, educators, and policy-makers understand how to maximize their benefits while minimizing potential harms. "

Many people try and prove video games as a negative effect on children but what about the people who actually grew up with the overly violent and bloody video games. I personally haven't been affected and there are few to no cases that video games are the reason for violence in the world. If anything the reckless upbringing of children is the major reason for murders and suicide. However, why should we blame the parent's when they are the ones looking up into these stats?Seems like a way to point fingers without having anyone but the companies getting angry.Any opinions? Then and Now, Who was worse off in the long run?

Note: I did not edit this. Spelling errors are probably everywhere.Ya, I know.   read

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