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Izuel avatar 2:36 AM on 03.31.2010  (server time)
Why Square Enix and FFXIII Blo*s

Here I will list the perfect valid reasons why SE (can't bother to type the full name) and their latest abomination FFXIII really is the spawn of satan.

The main character is a chick! Not this one :(

And I'm done.

No! Seriously this is all that needs to be said about this game. All linearity or story holes are just minor inconveniences compared to the deal breaking fact that you will be playing a girl instead of the regular BOY.

But what about Tomb raider I hear you say. She is a chick and you wouldn’t dare call her a failure.
And you are absolutely right. Tomb raider is a good game and I can proudly say that I enjoy playing that game. The fact that you play a girl in that game is not that problematic simply because the game has a different focus then FFXIII.

In tomb raider you shoot stuff with guns and solve puzzles. The benefit of having a nice looking character to stare at instead of a male has benefits well beyond gaming needs.

FFXIII is (supposedly) a RPG where story elements should be a big part of the game. Things like interaction between the main character and different NPCs and supporting characters should play a big part in the game.

The player should be able to imagine himself as the main character and gain immersion through that fact. If you put a girl in the leading part you basically ruin all interesting plot development and character interaction. Simply put, you kill the story part of the game.

FF characters have always looked like half male half female mutants and it's bothered me on more then one occasion but I can understand if the developers want to bend the target demographic a little.

I've managed to live with it because in the end of the day the main character doesn't date guys or wear dresses (FFVII excluded). But taking the step into a full blown sausagefest is more then any sane player can or should be asked to experience.

I pray and hope that this game is forgotten and that no one attempts to copy or mimic anything this game has to offer.

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