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IvAnDur's blog

7:17 PM on 02.22.2012

Why are people so upset about the Mass Effect 3 DLC? [POSSIBLE SPOILERS]


As I'm sure everyone knows by now, the launch-day DLC for Mass Effect 3 was leaked recently and the internet is up in arms. But why is that? I am genuinely curious as to why people are so angry about this. From what I gather people are upset that they have to pay up to $20 more to access an allegedly important character that was allegedly cut from the main game in order to bleed money from consumers.

I think that it is entirely plausible, and likely true, that EA and Bioware is indeed using this DLC (and more than likely future DLC) to bleed us all dry of our cash. Is that really new to any of us though? Publishers and developers have been using DLC for a long time (Oblivion horse armor, anyone?) to get extra profit from the games under their labels. I'm having a hard time understanding what there is to complain about. Without giving away any spoilers here I'll try to explain why I think this isn't such a big deal.

As I said before, it seems that the content of the launch-day DLC is a major point of contention. However, no one knows for sure that the DLC character is important to Commander Shepard's campaign. I admit that the circumstances surrounding the origins of said character are central to Mass Effect's canon, but we don't really know what effect this DLC character will have on the game until we sit down and play the game.

Second, if people believe that they are being ripped off, then they should just not buy the game. Or, better yet, they should ignore the DLC that is being sold to them and simply purchase the game that they wanted to play because they enjoy the Mass Effect series. This DLC is completely optional. If you feel it isn't, then you are probably taking this videogame way too seriously.

All that said, I'm still buying Mass Effect 3. I even pre-ordered the N7 Collector's Edition because I love the Mass Effect series that much and I feel that shelling out $20 more for some extra content and goodies is worth it. I understand that some people can't make that choice and I'm sorry that they won't be able to enjoy the extra content that others can afford. For those that can make the choice however, I ask you: What are you complaining about exactly?   read

3:58 PM on 09.17.2009

Hello, Destructoid!

And thanks for having me. I've been a long time reader here, but I only just signed up for an account this month. I'm looking forward to my stay here.

As stated in my profile description, I got into videogames at a young age, mainly by watching my friends and family play. It wasn't until I was in my teens that I was able to enjoy them myself, but since then I've become a huge fan of videogames in general. Also as stated in my profile description, I currently own an XBOX 360, as well as both a DS and PSP. I have also, in the past, owned a SNES, PSX, N64, Gamecube, original XBOX, PS2 and most Nintendo handheld consoles dating back to the original Gameboy. My favorite game genres include role playing games and first-person shooters, but I've enjoyed playing most other genres.

Once again, thanks for having me Destructoid!   read

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