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7:34 PM on 06.24.2008

MGS Codecs Part 1/5

The Metal Gear Solid franchise is memorable and almost unique from other games in two things; more twists than a Fanta Twist (seriously that shit is tasty) and codec conversations. Codec conversations have been a staple of this franchise, they were the gateway to saving your game. In that sense, there was no way around codecs. I was delighted to find out that the codec system would be improved on in MGS4. Excited, I took a stroll down memory lane to see how past Metal Gear Solid games did it. Here, take my hand, and we'll take the less spoilerish path.

Today will be all about MGS1.

Metal Gear Solid. Codec conversations here were the very first I experienced. At first I was sure this was redundant. I didn't like the chatter, I wanted to play. But as I progressed in the game I learnt that this system was completely necessary in order to defeat the bosses. I relied on this system when Psycho Mantis appeared, Sniper Wolf for the PSG-1 rifle and later again against the same opponent. Even for non-boss situations, such as the Meryl codec number, the codec system became essential, it became an important aspect of the game.

In the end I found myself just calling Nastasha in order to hear her loving Russian accent (and the weapons information too), Mei Ling for the "Oh I can't believe I'm being hit on by the famous Solid Snake. :O" and Campbell for... information.

Metal Gear Solid may even have the most important moment on codec the major twist that was... [Oh fuck it, who hasn't played MGS1?]

Join me next time as I stroll down memory lane once again, and knock on the door that is Metal Gear Solid 2.   read

8:43 PM on 06.21.2008

Solidus Snake - Ass is Bad

Solidus Snake, the third snake, is often overshadowed by his two elder brothers.
For no fucking good reason. The man was a PRESIDENT and a CLONE that had a METAL GEAR SUIT, don't forget dual-katana fighting.

Oh, and he destroyed a couple of Rays. Using a P90. While wearing an eyepatch.


Don't forget that time you were fighting him for the first time, in the harrier. Nope, actually the motherfucker was ON the harrier. ON IT.

Oh by the way, we totally need a Metal Gear Lego. Totally. This is sweet.

Ingredients for a Solidus Snake dish:

- Eva (...can't be)
- Big Boss (can't be...)
- Metal Gear (!?)
- Two Katanas (One called Democracy and one Republic. Democracy?)
- Cyborg Ninja (Grayfox!? Can't be...)

Mix well, add nanomachines and serve neither solid nor liquid. Sort of in between. Solidus, if you may.


By the way, doesn't this guy look a bit like John Shephard from Mass Effect?

...Mr. President.   read

8:09 PM on 06.18.2008

/b/ has changed

Head on over to /b/ for the "Love Theme" from MGS4 (and some fail & win).

This, is /b/'s final mission.   read

5:31 PM on 06.07.2008

MGS4 Confusion and Spoiling: Not a good thing.

As a hardcore MGS fan, I feel the need to stand up and fight (at least squeal) against this tyranny, against this evil. Why would anyone want to willingly spoil anything for anyone? The Bioshock spoilers were almost unbearable, the twist was ruined for me before the disc was even spinning in my 360. For a game like Bioshock, story may not have been so important, but it was important nevertheless.

Now, when we come to a game that revolves entirely around the story, where every action you do is in relation to accomplishing a goal that leads you to a cut-scene, story is significantly important. Like I said, I'm a hardcore fan, and I don't want to see this. I've been replaying the past games the past month in order to remember the story (and partially to brush up on my Solid Snake groans). I think I speak for everyone when I say, stop the spoiling.

Now for the confusion part.

Many people seem to think that the Steel PS3 is the superior bundle, I'm not saying it's everybody, it's a (dumb) minority. They still have to be addressed and corrected.

Steel PS3:
40 gig PS3. Steel finish. No PS2 backwards compatibility. Limited Edition MGS4 pack. Dualshock 3 controller.
Price: $600

Piano Black PS3 (original)
80 gig PS3. Dust attracting finish. Near full PS2 compatibility. Normal edition MGS4 pack. Dualshock 3 controller.
Price: $500

Now, is that crystal-clear?   read

11:36 AM on 04.15.2008

Free PSN games, Game Sharing.

PSN games (except for Warhawk, for obvious reasons) all have something in common. They can be downloaded a total of 5 times, on any PS3. Possibly to accommodate for the hard disk wipes and formatting people may do. That's cool, and understandable.

But. This also means that anybody else with a PS3 (and that you trust) can download your full game without paying a penny for it. In fact, a total of 4 other guys and gals can download it, of course you'll sacrifice your downloads, but who cares! Apparently this also works with Rock Band.

This isn't a bug or glitch, it's completely endorsed by Sony. They want as many games as possible out and about.

I had no idea this was possible, it's almost as if they're not advertising this ability on purpose. It's a great idea, and it's making me go and buy Super Stardust HD (...although I was going to do that anyway). Not only PSN games either, PS1 games too.

Am I the only one to not hear about this? Or am I the only one that hasn't heard about it, and is about to feel a destructoid smack upside my head?   read

12:32 PM on 03.17.2008

Super Black Mesa Brothers

You know all those Super Mario mods, bucket-loads of 'em.

Here's one I doubt you've seen before though, featuring Gordon Freeman and headcrabs as goomba's, it's a FPS platformer.

Super Black Mesa Brothers

I don't know about you, but this is too cool for me to play.   read

5:58 PM on 03.07.2008

Trashtalking in Commercials

Sure, I grew up on games, but SEGA didn't rule here in Norway, and I never saw a commercial for either them or Nintendo here. My memory is kinda fuzzy from when I was young, but I didn't really hear much from SEGA overall. I thought all things vidjagamy was Nintendo. Mind you, I was a tad young then. But after seeing some commercials from that golden era on Youtube, I was amazed. There's one thing that's always consistent in these commercials: trashing the other company (and not making sense).

Take the oh-so-famous Blast Processing commercial for example. Super Nintendo vs. SEGA Genesis


Apart from not understanding the use of a F1 vehicle in this context, it's pretty logical. The SEGA console does something, which the Nintendo console does not. In this case, blast processing. Whatever that is. One thing that is weird is the mentioning of the other console.

The guy clearly mentioned Nintendo not having Blast Processing. Not just that, they also clearly depicted a Nintendo console in the commercial. This is something we do not see these days. Mainly because it's not allowed.

Here's another commercial, this time it's Nintendo's Gameboy vs SEGA's Gamegear.


Right. First off, a fat kid. And he's got a plaster on his thumb to boot (Maybe there's a hidden meaning here?). He's playing a Gameboy, and sighs to show he's bored. Picks up a squirrel on a stick (WHAT THE FUCK) and hits his head. Suddenly he gets high. The message? When you hit your head with a squirrel on a stick, you see colours! To the squirrels, my fellow colour-blind brothers!

Well, no. As interesting and weird as that sounds, it's just that SEGA's Gamegear has a colour screen. While the Gameboy does not. Yet another commercial depicting something SEGA has, that Nintendo does not. You see a young, hip, up and coming, strapping fine lad playing the Gamegear. You don't want to be the fat kid with the drugs (squirrels), do you?

Hey, at least Nintendo didn't do this, right?


Very amusing video. Long story short, the Nintendo guy gets captured by the evil SEGA and Sony. SEGA and Sony proceed to ask the Nintendo guy questions, and he answers. By answering the questions he also sells StarFox 64 to the people viewing the commercial. Hell, he almost sold me the game, did you say barrel-rolls? Fuck yeah!

I could pile up the videos, and I should. They're funny as hell, but I have to get to the point.

SEGA trash-talked, and they did that a lot. Yet, they lost the console war. Why?

Trash-talking in commercials do have a problem. For example; When Nintendo/SEGA/ only advertises their consoles, without mentioning the other one, the public only hears one company's name. Within that commercials context, the rival might as well not exist. And in a monopoly, there is no other.

But in these trash-talking commercials, you hear both SEGA and Nintendo. Now those parents who generally don't have a clue about consoles (We've all had them) could go on and hear Nintendo and SEGA in the commercial, but when they're going to buy the console for their little one, forget which one was the better.

Only a theory, but it could work out like this for many.

What would happen if the consoles and handhelds and their respective companies started up with commercials like this again? Shit, it's not so simple these days: the PS3 boasts the Cell broadband engine, Nintendo's got the Wii and it's waggle, and Xbox 360 has... lots of great games (Sorry, my mind went blank there). Fanboys would eat that shit up and take it up the ass without lube. I seriously wouldn't mind seeing these commercials come back, as I said, they're funny, even though they don't make much sense. Laughter sells, almost as much as sex.   read

6:58 PM on 02.17.2008

Musical Genius

A few moments ago DestinRL posted an amazing piece of work on Gametrailers.
The guy/gal uses only the sounds that are stock with Windows, and creates a pleasant tune.

Honestly the music could be used in a game perfectly. I wouldn't complain, would you?

[embed]70781:8134[/embed]   read

2:09 PM on 12.04.2007

Chintendo Vii Commercial


Yes, what you have just witnessed (assuming you mindlessly clicked the play button) was amazing.

It was a commercial of the Chintendo Vii, the Wii rip-off. And by the looks of it, a pretty bad one at that. I also think I saw a Chinese professional golf-player recommend it. Wow. That's pretty big. You would think this is kinda illegal, or at least bad sportsmanship. Huh, get it, sportsmanship, hahaha.

Crackalacious. (Also, yes. This actually aired. In China.)

Also, cocks   read

12:46 PM on 11.26.2007

Christmas Banners, get them while they're hot!

Well, christmas is closing in on us. No shit. And that's we need to decorate, to set the christmas mood. I know (read: hope) that Mr. Destructoid puts on a good show.

But we can't be lazy here, I'm talking to you! The community! Get off yer asses and fire up those photoshops and gimps, and create a christmas banner! But don't use it yet!

The banner you see up there is just for show, it's not the one I'll be flaunting in 3 weeks or so.

December 16th, that's the day you're free to use your excellent new banner. Don't be afraid though, you're free not to participate. Except for the IRCartel guys, you guys need to put on a fucking good show.

Also, use of Kratos may increase your chick-attraction skill(z).   read

6:32 AM on 11.25.2007

Crysis Ultra-Realistic Physics! Video Included!

Now, I'm a fan of Crysis. So far I'm about halfway through the game, and I must say, it is immensely fun. I've been hearing people say something about the game's fun-level dropping as soon as the Korean (they are too funny) soldiers are slowly replaced by aliens.
And we all know aliens aren't fun to mess with, because they can't be messed with.

Here's a fun situation, you take a jeep, cruise through the landscape (beautiful landscape complete with fauna) and drive it into a crowd of soldiers. Just as you near them you jump off the jeep, and shoot the gas tank. Enjoy your Korean BBQ.

That's what happens when you... hehe... hahahahahaha!

A lot of people are turned off this game simply because they believe it will cost an arm and a leg to actually run. Well, that's not necessarily true. I recently purchased a gaming computer (a poor one) for around 600$ (once you get around inflation and Norwegian currency). That's an entire computer excluding screen. With Vista running, I can achieve playable framerates with everything on medium. And medium is sexy (not as sexy as very high though, but that's for next year anyway).

Here a full cutscene from the beginning of the game, look at those faces!

All I'm saying is, the game's fun. And fun is what's central in any game. So what's stopping ya?

[--Side Note: This post is completely unnecessary, I just wanted to spread the love that is that guy stuck in wall video... hahahaha, stupid korean... hehe.--]   read

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