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1:29 AM on 08.07.2010

What's the deal? "Teh Bias: 8"

First of let me start by saying how happy I am. Why would I be happy you ask? Well I'm so glad you asked. It's because I was featured/re-caped in C blogs of 8-02-10 and Qalamarisms: WordToid. So yeah, that's why I'm happy. =)

However I'm a bit confused as to why my blog was deemed a "my favorite games and genres" blog. Why else would I state repeatedly in my blog that I love the games, that I always argued against those who spoke out, and that all of that was just my biased opinion? Or how even though a game that was part of a series of games I like, I had no biased toward since it wasn't any good?

I can kinda of see how that's confusing, so that's why I added the word bias in there, to make sure my readers understood my position, and that position would be a bias one. But I can understand how the confusion occurred, I'll just try to word my stuff better next time.

That's how I play... completely outnumbered!

So on a side note I've started playing Sins of a Solar Empire: Sins of the 13th tribe again, I still love it and still say it's better than any game out there. Any Galactica fans out there?

Well I'll end this now.
Thanks again for reading, and thank you so much for the feature or re-caped, ether way i think it's great!

-Peace... Out   read

9:15 PM on 08.02.2010

Teh Bias: 8

The games are 8, the genres are 2. It may seem like a boring list of games I have for entertainment, and certainly nothing big to argue over, or have any bias toward, but that would be your opinion. The first genre that holds 4 games is RTS, yes real-time strategy games. Some of you know exactly why I prefer the RTS genre, while other are staring with an urge to click away, but donít, let me explain.
My allegiance to RTS lies in, it was my first real PC gaming experience, granted I was sort of pushed into it, but once I was emerged, no other genre held my attention I was hooked, the art of balancing the expansion of your empire/kingdom/units/military with the constant build up of military units for defending against the inevitable enemy attack, all the while researching improvements on items varying from military to crop yielding and wood.

Now with all the RTS games out there, you might be wondering with game caught my attention, well that would be Age of Empires 2: Age of Kings with that game I was hooked, but I wouldnít have defended the genre at all, since I was new to gaming, but then I got into Stronghold and I began to get a bit attached to the genre. Fast forward a few years and I got my taste of the most famous game out there, introduced to me by a friend in high school.

Starcraft, Iíd stay up late at night, on a school night playing this game, ignoring everything else, which sucks because I quickly had to stop, or get kicked out of my high school, so I stopped; but by that time Iíd grown a HUGE attachment to the RTS genre, thatís when I started arguing against people who spoke against RTS, calling them a ďbuild for a long time, enjoy a big fight for a few minutes, waste of timeĒ They were mainly FPS fans, I always argued, never changed their minds, but I held my belief.


During my RTS hiatus I got into console gaming, at first it was because of the game DDR; which granted I would have fought for back then, but I lost interest in so I donít bother; anyway, when I began playing console games I stumbled upon one in an arcade; a flight simulator, a dogfight type of game, fighter jets. Now Iíve always had an interest with fighter jets, but thatís the first time I saw a game where you flew a fighter jet for the sole purpose of shooting down other jets while trying to complete a mission; but sadly my time ran out and so did my change. There was only one thing left to do, buy the game.

Blood pounding in my veins, eyes swaying back and forth, ringing missile alarms. My first taste of Ace Combat 4, and I couldnít get enough of it, the adrenaline rush of playing it on the hardest difficulty, dodging bullets, missiles, flying between buildings, getting so close to the water I made a trail, I thought it couldnít get any betterÖ I was wrong. Ace Combat 5 brought better graphics, a good story, higher intensity, and an ability to issue commands to your wingmen. If that didnít blow Ace Combat 4 out of the water, then nothing would. I was really hooked, so hooked in fact thatI got chocked up, and angry when Chopper died, it was so emotional; no game has done that to me before, EVER!

When I finished the game, I felt empty, I thought that whatever title came next I wouldnít want to play it, but I was wrong, mainly since the title I played next had come out already, but was kind of old Ace Combat 0; now the reason itís not one of the games Iím bias over is because, it wasnít that great for me, so there, just wanted to get that out of the way. As I was saying, Ace Combat 5 was the best game for me hands down at the time, but little did I know Ace Combat 6 was about to come out. But when I found out, I felt as excited as a child waiting for Christmas!

Since the game was for the Xbox 360, I knew the graphics would be incredible, but not only would the graphics be incredible, the whole game would be improved. The stories, the commands, the missions, were all amazing. Now I know there are some of you thinking ďhow in the hell is that possible, this game sucked?!Ē well it is so get over it, I love the games, they are all perfect in my BIAS opinion, Getting back to the original view; AMAZING. Now Iíll agree with some that the voice acting wasnít all that great, everything else about the game more than made up for that, and have defended it countless of times against flight sim haters.

[i]It looks better live, I promise![/img]

But like the game, it didnít last long. I beat the game, and by that time Iíd graduated high school so I no longer could play Starcraft with my friend; I got a laptop so Age of Empires 2 was gone, and I lost my CD for Stronghold. There was only one thing left to do, look online for more RTS games, which lucky for me I found with ease and got fast. The first one being Sins of a Solar Empire (SoaE) at first I got it cause it was a highly reviewed game, and quickly I saw why. But then something happened that made me think was greater than I first realized. Two words; Battlestar Galactica. I feel in love with that show, and wanted anything to do with it, so when I found out (SoaE had a Battlestar Galactica mod, I just had to have it!


It was an amazing mod; I actually got to control the Galactica, Pegasus, the Valkarine, Columbia, and Atlantia. I thought I would never stop playing this game, and for about a year it seemed true until I started getting bored and began to look for another game with a Galactica mod. Out comes Homeworld 2 and it was a disaster, no matter what I did, what I upgraded, I just couldnít run the Fleet commander mod on Homeworld 2, but soon enough I didnít care because the actual game caught my eye. With a story better than all RTS and flight sims combined, I was surprised I didnít hear about it sooner.


From that moment until now I have been playing Homeworld 2 great graphics for being old, amazing controls, details, ships, freaking everything. I canít get enough of it, every chance I get, I play it, and honestly it isnít that hard to play. Instead of worrying about multiple resources, you only have one, everything is build on ships, everything is mobile, there is a slight learning curve but very easy to master. Now a days the people that know me, know how much I love RTS and flight sims, so they wouldnít start an argument with me, but those with a close mind of my type of games will be sure to get an earful if they bad mouth the best genre games out there.

So to my readers I bid you thanks for taking time to read this. Please if you have any similar, different, or some other type of opinion please leave a comment.
Thank you!

-Peace... Out   read

2:17 AM on 03.10.2010

Something about sex: On screen or in your head, it's there.

In the modern age it's incredibly easy to find sex everywhere. So it's no surprise that sex has made it's way into video games. Many famous titles such as Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas,God of War 1 and 2,Larry Summa Cum Laude, and Bone Town (not that famous, but bear with me) just to name a few have incorporated sex into game play. Even the much anticipated God of War III wouldn't be considered a game without a sex scene.

Such a shot isn't alien to any of us.

Now some people would say, "bunch of losers can't get a girl, so they have to fantasize about game chicks." While on one hand that statement is true, on the other those same people go home and watch their pornographic movies, in a way it's the same as games, a fantasy and nothing more.

But back to the point. While some games have sex embedded in them, there are games like WWE Smack Down Vs Raw 2010,DoA,Final Fantasy X-2, and the famous Tomb Raider that have "sexual themes" sure no actual atanomy part is shown, but there are many guys out there going gaga over these partially clothed females, as they would with nude females. In games that is.

Tell the truth. You'd hit that.

I mean come on, that cleavage, the sculpted butt, the um... *ahem*... sorry what was I talking about? Oh right, sex in video games. It's a must in this day and age. Sure you could just go to your computer and look at all the porn you want but after awhile that just gets boring and you want to have something else, something YOU can control and that's were you boot up a game on the PC, or turn on your XBOX 360/PS3 and stare for hours on end at that favorite character... from behind, or front whatever your preference.

Now if you're a lucky duckling and have a PC that can run some of your favorite games, with your even more favorite characters in them, you can go one step further. Mods, that's right, mods. Sure some mods allow you to jump higher, use your favorite weapons all the time, have infinite ammo, etc. But then there are the mods that bring a smile to your face; a perverted one. I'm talking about nude mods, those that make your favorite female characters into playboy models. You know what I'm talking about. The one you waited anxiously for. Yup that one.

Exhibit A, or B? What do they look like to you?

So the question now is, why are video game companies doing this? Whether they acknowledge it or not, they know these types of games will end up in the hands of 12yr old boys. Parents now a days leave their kids to TV, games, friends, school, movies, 15yr old babysitters, and maybe church. No discipline is shown, and because of that kids learn about sex quicker without knowing the repercussions, teen pregnancies, abortion, rape, and lost futures to name a few. I've got nothing against sex in games, I just think that somehow, discipline needs to be enforced and kids shouldn't be exposed to such a thing so young.

Who knows were sex will go next, it's in magazines, tv, movies, games, on the internet, by phone, on the street. Hell maybe with our technology sex in space will soon be possible. After all sex sells, so it will only be a matter of time till sex is called to sell another thing(s).

-Peace... Out   read

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