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It Doesnt Take 5 Seconds's blog

1:29 AM on 08.07.2010

What's the deal? "Teh Bias: 8"

First of let me start by saying how happy I am. Why would I be happy you ask? Well I'm so glad you asked. It's because I was featured/re-caped in C blogs of 8-02-10 and Qalamarisms: WordToid. So yeah, that's why I'm happy. =)...   read

9:15 PM on 08.02.2010

Teh Bias: 8

The games are 8, the genres are 2. It may seem like a boring list of games I have for entertainment, and certainly nothing big to argue over, or have any bias toward, but that would be your opinion. The first genre that holds...   read

2:17 AM on 03.10.2010

Something about sex: On screen or in your head, it's there.

In the modern age it's incredibly easy to find sex everywhere. So it's no surprise that sex has made it's way into video games. Many famous titles such as Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas,God of War 1 and 2,Larry Summa Cum Laude...   read

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