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Isshak Ferdjani avatar 5:59 PM on 03.10.2012  (server time)
Take a Deep Breath: a Personal and Random Mass Effect 3 opinion piece

There comes a time in a Man's life (and by Man I mean man, woman or other; my uncle had a cat who was pretty darn good at Pong) where he has to stand up for his rights. There comes a time where you will not stand for injustice and evil.

There also is a time where you need to sit down and think for a second. Most of the times are like that: not every situation needs a revolution. The other person is not always the problem.

Enter Mass Effect 3. A game like few others. A game made by passionate people, packed with content longer than most out today and the conclusion to a trilogy of other very well made games. I'm not even a fan of the series, I don't really like the games, yet I can recognize a "good" game, a well made game when I see one. Mass Effect 3 is one of those. Yes it has issues, yes it's not perfect, but it is not a bad game. That's not what a bunch of you seem to be thinking though.

Some people have decided that the game should be judged on outside factors. They don't like EA. EA is "ruining Bioware". They forced them to make the multiplayer content, detracting from the main single player campaign, which is the heart of the experience. The game has an online pass. The game has day one DLC. Except those claims, whether true or not, whether there are proofs to those allegations or not, should not be factors when judging the game.

Let's focus on the game. On. The. Game. (that style of formatting a sentence is so tacky. Is it supposed to reinforce the point you are making? It really just makes you look condescending. Stop doing it)

Is the game bad? Is the game short, compared to the others? Did it not expand on the characters you know and love? Did it not make you feel for the universe?

Was it Kane and Lynch 2? Oh it was not Kane and Lynch 2? Then please stop talking down a game based on things that don't really have anything to do with the game, like I just did with Kane and Lynch 2. It's annoying and stupid and you should take a deep breath.

You really should, because Bioware is not turning evil, the game is not bad, and if the DLC had come in a year, guess what: you probably would either have gotten it or not. And you still have both of those options.

Take a deep breath, shut down the internet, pop in your copy of Mass Effect 3, and just play it. You, the game, nothing else.

See you later.

PS: God how I hate those "oh I'm so cool I end my post with a quick short sentence because i'm so cool" endings. Adios amigos.

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