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IshidaTsuki avatar 2:14 AM on 07.23.2014  (server time)
Why you should hire me (or any ARTS-Player really)

Hi. I知 IshidaTsuki. I知 unemployed. For about a month I致e been visiting a lot of officials, written applications, struggled with depression and all that nice stuff that comes with not being able to tell yourself 的 have to get up to go to work each morning.

A thing that always agitates me is that I can稚 write down the hobbies I知 most passionate about in my CV. I壇 love to mention that I play tons of Dota 2, enjoy E-Sports and have a certain knack for watching and dissecting obscure movies. The social stigma associated with these 哲erd-Properties is still too strong, and will be strong for many years. My enthusiasm for cinema is the least 登ffensive one on this list.

I壇 like to give you a few points why you should hire me exactly because I play Dota 2. I値l be very specific, because I don稚 think that I need to tell people that playing team-based competitive games basically is a synonym to acquiring the so-called 21st century skills the experts in the pedagogy-field are so hot about right now.

I am a team player. Multiple times, everyday I get together with 4 other people I have never met, coordinate with them within a fixed set of rules to achieve a positive result. I communicate, coordinate and mediate between my team members. Not even language barriers are a problem since I can communicate in a precise lingo that helps me navigate this complex ruleset.

I am flexible. I every match, I get confronted with countless situations. Different heroes with different abilities that build different items and employ different strategies. I know the employed system of rules good enough that I can not only adapt within a very short time frame, I also immediately start developing counter stratagems as well as apply them practical.

I am creative. Tying into point 2, I am creative enough to use the tools available to me in sometimes unintended ways to solve current problems. I think outside the box, but within the ruleset.

I am willing to inform myself. Every month or so, there is an update that tweaks numbers, introduces new mechanics, items and even entire heroes. I take the time to inform myself about this so I can keep up my abilities to be flexible and creative.

I am used to work under pressure. When I am playing, I am in permanent danger. I don稚 always know where the enemy is, what they池e up to, if they are going to pop out of nowhere and fall over me. Despite this fact, I keep a cool head, go for objectives and know exactly when to do what.

I can work in a toxic environment. A skill I found very useful in my last employment was the fact that I was used to work in toxic environments. Lots of people lose their groove when they are faced with a threat from within the team. Not only can I still work if I get attacked from people that are supposed to be my teammates, I am able to calm this person down and try to find a solution. I can directly approach difficult social problems because I am confronted with them on a daily basis. I also know when an issue cannot be resolved bilateral and I need the assistance of a superior.

I am loyal. After more than 750 games, I can safely say that if I like it, I stick with it. I am actively concerned about the quality of the system I have to work in and love to help improve and change it.

If these points don稚 convince you, I壇 be interested in what would. For me, these would be the qualities I am looking for in an employee. Some people would say that 展ell, this is videogames, no way you are this way in real life. I壇 like to ask you: If you see on his CV that somebody plays soccer, you expect him to be a sporty teamplayer, don稚 you? Why can稚 泥ota 2 or 鏑eague of Legends have the same implications? A durable teamplayer that thinks quick on his feet. And if you don稚 want to believe me at all, why don稚 you hire me so I can show you what I can do?

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