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6:02 PM on 03.16.2014

Crazy Gamer Gives you the most Honest Videos Ever

Gamer Nation, I solute you.

3:09 AM on 12.11.2013

Sexism Censorship and other topics stated out pretty well by a T-Rex

I found this and feel that more people need to see this.


3:42 AM on 08.06.2013

Let's ask The Sorceress if Dragons crown is Sexist

Strait from the horses's... You get the idea

In particular i like this little Gem 
[font='Alike Angular', arial, sans-serif]IMO. Pendulous breasts NEVER make a game sexist, a female character who is victimized, oppressed by men, or taken advantage of, or abused is sexist. If a woman is strong and powerful and has pendulous breasts well that’s just awesome AND most women in my family…[/font]   read

9:19 PM on 06.29.2013

Putting the Ellen Page Ripoff claims to rest: The Last Of Us

Because this is going around and also because i feel that is immensely unfair to the actress who played Ellie that people keep calling her an Ellen Page Knockoff. From what i understand of Mocap especially with the face you want your actors to have a similar face ot the the charecters you're animating. This is entirely because Mocap can involve a lot of cleanup work and a similar face likely will make it so your rigged face model doesn't just suddenly invert on itself. 

Why i think this happened is pretty simple both actresses have similar faces. Ellen Page has dark Hair, Ellie has dark hair, Ashley Johnson meanwhile has blond hair.   read

2:27 AM on 04.15.2013

One quick thing about Bioshock Infinte(Spoilers)


Did you notice that the priest that baptists you in the opening is the same one that's in your flashback near the end?   read

5:48 AM on 03.27.2013

Lets talk about Bioshock Infinite (OBVIOUS SPOILERS)

Ok So long story short I thankfully was completely free the day fallowing my receiving of Bioshock Infinite. As a result I played through the entire game over the course of a day. The fallowing is going to be rather off the cuff kind of reaction. Some people are saying it'll be the 'Ocarina of Time' of this console generation. I say it's the Bioshock Infinite of this generation.

1. The ending

I'm actually not entirely sure what to think of the ending. I do feel that unlike lets say Mass Effect 3 that the game has an ending that is thematicly relevant and hinted to near the beginning. That said as with all time travel stories given the parraell universes nature of the story how can you ever actually keep any of the events of the game from happening if as it was said they have already. Likewise given my basic understanding of multiverse theorem (If you think you understand quantum mechanics you don't understand Quantum Mechanics) Isn't there going to be a version of Booker/Comstock that didn't drown. The ending possibly hints at this after you finish with the credits. Still there's a slight notion of a 'it was all a dream' ending which is probably my least favorite cop out I see bad writers do. I suppose that with the other Booker we see at the very end that something was accomplished IE that Booker never gave up his daughter because Comstock never existed. At least if the child is actually there.

2. Despite Kevin Levines insistence on disliking cut-scenes he still in essence uses them.

There's been a lot of talk and debate about cut-scenes in games. The basic argument goes something like if you take over control of what a character is doing for the player that you are making the player more of a passive participated. The game does do this at curtain points any time you go up to a person press the use key and a event then proceeds to happen. And you know what I do consider that a cut-scene even though you aren't moving the camera out of the first person. It serves a basic function also to me that proves that doing some things for a player is not some kind of failure state. This is not a knock against the game just something I observed in playing it.

3. Elizabeth is an advancement not a revolution (still is impressive)

The first Bioshock had the little sisters and Big Daddies they walked around the world and did their own things despite what the player did. Elizabeth is an advancement of that. In essence Elizabeth is a little sister and your the Big daddy. She's an AI that can wonder off and observ things but has a priority to fallow after you the player if you just decide Screw the plot and run forwards. Cudos for the team for advancing an AI companion absolutely but I feel it would be just about as asinine to not acknowledge that Bioshock and other games have slowly advanced AI to the point where we can have companions that react to more then just the player. For all the flack I think about assassins creed the game series it has given me a sense of being in a crowded street. I'm looking forwards to whatever people can do with the combination of various AI elements in the future with games.

4. RPG elements mixed with Halo

I did find the upgrade system for health, shield, and mana, is kind of interesting to add. It does fell like a stripped down version of what I saw in System Shock 2. The choice to let you have all you Tonics at any one time but two weapons was also a very interesting one in essence you had enough room for experimentation but not enough to do everything at all times.

5. Columbia

I didn't quite get as much of a connection to Columbia as I did rapture. Perhaps that has to do with Bioshock 1 being about Andrew Ryan in essence while Infinite is more about the relationship with Elizabeth and Booker. I never quite got the same sense of just who Comstock was (ironic I know, but to me and the plot he is a completely different person from Booker) as I did Andrew Ryan. Once again I think this just has to do with the games focus There was a lot more to focus on then just what happened to Columbia. Last I don't think it helps with the multiple universes Its hard enough to learn about the history of 1 Columbia now imagine 4 or 5 different histories of Columbia. It does kind of screw up the narrative focus at least as far as Columbia is concerned.

That's it for now my Friends.   read

4:11 PM on 02.01.2013

Sex - Tropes and Men – Dante from DmC: Devil May Cry

You know the drill if you read the last article. This is an analysis of the tropes that are involved with charecter's including their gender.

Some Facts and Info about Dante

1.The Bounty Hunter/Cowboy/Loner

Dante Fits in the mold of Charecter's that are loners. Be it a cowboy or the Bounty Hunter the idea is basicly the same. They are men of action who go around solving problems. Often despite their best wishes. They exist in aimless wonderless existances until they run across some kind of problem or in the case of the opening of Devil May Cry one. Go Crashing though the door right to them.

2.The Bad Boy

Dante's styling's and behavior are that of the proverbial bad boy. Bad Boys are unpredictable thus making them exciting. This is a popular Trope for male protagonists because these kind of men are exciting and passionate. While this does overlap with the Bounty hunter character type from the previous example. Many of the Cowboy Loners are professionals. A character like D from vampire hunter D is calm and cut off. The Bad Boy engages and tells the world to go screw itself. And despite what some women may claim the idea of what they can do to them in bed is an appealing Fantasy for many women COUGH 50 Shades of Grey COUGH.

If you notice in all the Devil May games Dante's main interactions are allways with a female. This had to do with from what I can tell that Dante's lead around by his Libido he's powered by pure sex drive. How many men does Dante listen to in the whole series?

3. Adolecance

Dante being the Bad Boy also acts extremely Juvenile Despite being an adult many of his attitudes are that of a 15 year old.
Don't mess with me let me finish my Pizza while I jam to some Tunes and kick your Ass
Then I'll ride a missle it'll be hard core

compare that to

4. Dante Can kick your ass

I think its safe to say with all the crazy combos and god knows what else he can do. Along with being able to take Stabs through the chest that Dante is a Combat Machine. Its the core of the whole series is the pure levels of power and pulling off combos in elaborate fashions.

5. Dante is Sexy

To Paraphrase Jim Sterling just type in Devil May Cry Into Deviant Art or Google and watch what shows up. You'll get a series of images that show off Dantes Body and Physicality. In Fact if you look at the way the Combo system works it being all about stylish action. The entire series could be argued exists to show off Dante's Body and what it can do. Much like fighting games the Physicality of the character is one of the main draws. There's plenty of Male eye candy, Dante starts Devil May Cry 3 completely without a shirt. And the new one has him getting dressed throughout the entire first level. All the meanwhile you get to see the vast majority of Dante's Body.

6. Demon Spawn

Dante in both continutys of the character is the son of Sparta who is a demon that turned against hell Fell in love with a women (an angel in the new one) and Generally pissed the Demon Mundos off. As a result of this he has Demonic powers like being able to turn into a demon with the Devil Trigger Ability. Since he's half Demon he gains the power of demons without being Evil. Its a common Trope for there to be half humans with special ability the American Indians, Greeks, Japanese and Several other Culture have similar myths of some sort of outsider mixing into the main populas and making a child with special gifts.

Trait Breakdown

Immensly attractive to women
Has a Business killing Demons
Has 3 women who fancy him.


Half Demon can be held against him by various theological beliefs (IE Antichrist)
Way too Cocky
As Yatzee put it a C**T
No formal education
Solution to every problem involves killing it
Has one of the worst diets in Gaming history (Just Take out Pizza)
Tends to get stabbed through the chest with swords.

And one last Embarrassment
Two Words
Strawberry Milkshake   read

5:47 PM on 12.20.2012

Why i think Bioshock Infinite will 99.98 percent likely involve Time Travel

Why I think Bioshock infinite will be about time travel. Or at the very least there's some odd connections between the Bioshock and Bioshock infinite. Also given the hush over most of the game after the 4 hour make I imagine this is to cause peoplel ike me to write blogs like this so that people like you get interested.

Sony All Stars

Quiet simply it has big daddy in it which wouldn't be much at all but the level they chose for big daddy is Bioshock infinite. Why not do Rapture? Maybe its just to market or Maybe big Daddy and some other things are tied into it. I don't know anything for sure and this likely will have no bearing on the game whatsoever. It's just something I found interesting.

The year.

The game was originally supposed to be released in 2012 the game takes place in 1912. Since we as humans like big round numbers to jump to whenever we deal with time travel something tell me that the end of the game may take place in the future.

Revenge of the Jedi

assuming that The alternative movie title, which suggest an alternative time line which seems to tie into Elisabeth's Powers of opening rips in the fabric of space time. While I do think that you will spend the majority of the Game in Columbia I’m not 100 percent sure what time you'll be at when you do.

The subtitle

The subtitle for the Game is infinite, a term which is usually applied to space and time, at least in my experiences with the word.

Now the more interesting part.

Why do this?

As far as devices to show change Time Travel seems like the way to go. If you look at the consequences for your actions in Bioshock the game was vastly the same outside of the bits of time where you harvested little sisters or not. There are two political powers vying for control and since this is at the start of a Similar scenario to Rapture.

The more interesting dynamic would be being one of the people that shaped rapture into the kind of city you saw at the start of Bioshock. It would also allow more of the shootout that happen in FPSes to make more sense because while the play may be in combat a lot if their jumping through time for everyone else time has passed. There's room for things to have happened in the wake of the player instead of just the next room.

I do think no matter what happens that Levine and company are working at pulling something interesting with their game. I just hope it pays off. At the very least you can't fault them for not being ambitious enough.   read

11:17 AM on 12.12.2012

The Sexual Politics of Hitman Absolution

That was a gun in his pocket and he is not happy to see you.

I'm going to talk about the entire game meaning that... spoilers. There will be spoilers. Not that I think most people will care given its been over a month since the game came out meaning that people in need of a murder fix are likely shooting people up in Farcry 3 or some other game.


Let me just say this very plainly and very directly. Hitman absolution has major issues with human sexuality. Even though the story takes itself seriously and has a major focus on its characters. I cannot enjoy the story/character aspect of it especially with how against sex the entire experience is. What do I mean by that well keep reading and hopefully I’ll explain well enough. Or you'll write angry comments. Either way that's more attention, supposedly a good thing.

People as a whole are operating under curtain wants, desires problems exct...
And while the character of 47 obviously has problems to deal with there's something lacking within him that turns him into such an inhuman character. Its not that he's a player insert, that helps but it goes farther then that. 47 even more directly does not have any sex drive or intimacy. He's a cold lifeless killing machine who displays no emotion, and while its great for making a player insert that can do any and all sorts of horrible things and remain in character. That does not make a character you can relate to.

The closest I can think of is the end of Blood money. The character of Diana wakes him up from a drug induced coma with a kiss. Maybe there's more but that's the only thing I can remember that involved any actual human intimacy with 47 from the games ive played(please comment if you can think of more.

The closest and rather as its depicted wrongest moment between Diana and 47 in absolution is the assassination of her during the first mission. The devs for some reason decided to have Diana in the shower showing off how vulnerable and sexy she is right before you gun her down in the shower. This too to me is at least some sort of hint that at least as far as 47 goes he may have some kind of feeling for Diana its also probably the only human moment I can remotely think of in the actual game with him. (mabye the hallway with Victoria) Too bad the devs didn't actually flesh him out.

The various mistakes he makes could have been explained away as him having to deal with emotions of a sort. Its ridicules to me that you can perfectly complete a segment in absolution only to have your character do something increasingly stupid. 47 steps into several obvious traps thought the game and yet is supposed to be the best assassin in the world. Either a prefect assassin or a flawed human being a character can't be both.

Instead he's just 47 throughout the entire game.

Ok so you have a mostly sexless main character. In comparison the vast majority of the cast are sexual deviants. Which is used to emphasis how horrible they are as people. Lets go over a good majority of the charecter and list their sexual deviance’s and the few that aren't.

Edward Wade

Sadist and possible necrophiliac.
Evidance for such.
If you lose while trying to kill him he'll say that he's going to rape 47s corpse if this is just supposed ot be an insult that still turns it into a negative since his mind went there.
When he dies he says “Why do I have wood. Meaning that he's taken sexual pleasure from the exchange.

Layla Stockton

In the mission to kill her If you wait until she goes into her panic room then fallow her inside she'll strip before pulling two guns from her back to kill you.

Clive Skurky

The Sherrif of hope engages in S&M Practices with his lover. These are played for comedic effect. Both get guned down in rather pathedic situations. Clive after getting shot in the leg and his lover after being used as a double for Victoria who the villain just kills for no good reason.

Benjamin Alexander Travis

While not displaying any overt sexual deviant. He's the guy who made the Saints AKA the dominatrix nuns you kill in the game. So i'll just put down that he has some warped fetishes.

The Saints

This is a weird on to me because like 47 they don't show off any kind of interest in sex. The closest thing to any human interaction is getting excited at the prospect of killing a legend like 47. During this cinematic it seems as if Travis (whos calling them) is interrupting some sort of S&M fetish scene that some old business man paid them to do. This turn out to be false and they quickly kill the man with a knife to the head. I still have no idea why they bothered to kidnap him and take his cloths off. Then again I have no idea the kind of person who would agree to dress up as dominatrix nuns. What little charecterization that is given to them is expunged by two random Hitmen in the first level you kill them in. They have just as much depth as 47 IE Not a lot.


She plays the role of the innocent gril in the game which 47 tries to pertect from becoming a hitman like he was. He fails at this and she murders a good 10 odd guards by the end of the game. Way to protect her innocence 47. If it sounds like i'm not focusing on her its because she's nothing but a innocent mcguffin.


The only thing he's interested in is money or guns..actually what the hell was he after? I guess he's whatever the devs need to further the plot.

Jade Nguyen

This is the one case on the major character on the villians side where there's not much I can say. She's just a secretary other then dressing slightly sexy there isn't really anything aobut her other then she wan't a career and thinks ill of her boss. Ironicly we get more of her then Victoria and myself I felt bad that she stuck around such a obviously losing scenario towards the end of the game. So i'll put her in the better developed then most of the cast rating. Not that she's particularly strong. Everyone else just feels cartoony for lack of a better word.

Lenny Dexter

Get's called limp dick by his own dad

Blake Dexter

While he has had 2 wifes is completely motivated by Money (He's willing to piss of a large assassin organization for 10 million when he has billions) or sadistic violence. He only seemed to get off when he murdered a house maid and framed 47 for it.

I just have trouble wrapping my head around a universe where not only is everyone rather stupid. But also any remote sexual interest is somehow beholden only to those who are evil. Meanwhile the main cast of people feel rather distant, I don't entirely think its just that far as I can tell they have no sex drive. They have relatively speaking lives that you cannot relate too. And as much as a series like uncharted you could say has character with unrelated lives at least it had human from its main cast that you could relate to. Even if Drake does kill more people then 47 arguably making him the bigger Psycho. There's just something that at least feels human about him.

Other random bits I noticed in Absolution

Why does 47 being framed for the murder of a house maid even matter. He murders people for a living. Even with all the silly things the game did they never bothered to clear him of the one murder he didn't do in the game.

I don't remember seeing Diana's face before but she always seemed to be older to me.

During the shaving Lenny mission the Corrupt cops of Hope are depicted as watching porn

Lenny Has books on how to pick up chicks.

On of your targets loves to blow up pigs with landmines. Not much I can think of with sex there it's just odd.

Post Article awards

Most annoying character goes to Blake Dexter for that stupid cowboy hat.

Worst dress goes to the Saints for dressing up as dominatrix’s
I'm sure there's some ritch house wives who were trying to reenact 50 Shades of Grey but couldn't due to the Saints buying all the high quality leather

Words I never want to hear in a game again goes to 'Limp Dick' and 'I got wood'

Overall Hitman get's 50 thousandths of a second to get seen through your costume out
of A Beaver Costume   read

7:18 AM on 12.09.2012

Tropes and Women - Mai Shuranui

Tropes and Women

Episode 1

Mai Shuranui

This I hope may be the start of something positive for women. I'm sick of the claims that Gaming is a culture of sexism, the boys club...ect. To me such assertions have little factual backing and well I just don't like people demeaning others. So without a massive kickstarter backing and nothing but free time assuming enough people like this. Tropes and Women a possible series about women in games. That's right women in games meaning that I hope to feature some actual women who work in the industry are involved with the gaming community and who just make things awesome. (and if I really get into this I may do a Tropes and Men)

So let's look at the character of Mai Shiranui something which isn't too easy given that fighting games are a series of stereotypes in the first place. I'm using things like tv tropes and wikipedia for this along with whatever else i can dig up.

So lets begin.

Some Facts and info about Mai Shiranui

1. She's essential to king of fighters. An Icon even
What do I mean by that. Well KOF 12 disappointed a lot of fans by not including her. While the KOF roster has changed over the Years Mai has always been a fan favorite of KOF fans including many women given the sheer amount of cos-play fan art ect... that exists of her.

2. Mai is capable as hell

Lets think about this along with having an amazing physique, she's a ninja. Meaning that she's been trained in some Shun zu Shit. Meaning that she's trained to be able to murder you in your sleep. Bet most of you didn't think about that. Consider the fallowing training regiment then think about how many of you could do that day in and day out for years on end so you can kick ass in the KOF tournament.

3. Unrequited Love.
For those of you who don't know. Mai is in love with Andy in KOF. She loves him so much that she wants to be on his team and dreams of marrying him. And despite Andy's reluctance and never mind that there are several men on this planet who would consider themselves so lucky to have someone like Mai after them. She does her hardest to join his team because that's how much Mai wants to be with him. Its kind of romantic and like many people like to say. It's a better love story then Twilight.

4. No Gender discrimination in the family.
Mai was trained by her father and her grandfathers friend Jubei. Lets think about this they actually are perfectly ok with training a women to be a ninja due to her being in their family. Shinobi's were far more inclusive of women then the samurai were(at least as far as I understand it since female samurai types were classified as onna-bugeisha (女武芸者?) ) .

5.She can kick your ass with a fan.
How many people can you beat down with a fan, or summon fire as you spin around before unleashing a long torrent of attacks? Not many that I know of.

6.Yes she's sexy
It would be nuts not to bring up the sexiness factor with Mai. Rather then deal with possible allegations due to being male i'll let Mai's own words tell you about that.
"With a body and strength like this, you thought you had a chance?"
"Didn't someone once say, Power becomes the lady?"
"Now do you understand? I've both beauty and ability!"
"How'd you like a humble Japanese woman who fights? ...My strength adds to my beauty, you know!"
and so on...

These are a few reasons that I feel Mai is a good character at least as far as fighters go. Lets face it the story-lines for fighting games are ridicules. So from what I gathered of KOF Mai like many fighting game characters, have a few character traits and are at most 2 dimensional. Mind you that's not just Mai, that's the entire KOF cast and whatever is going on in KOF.

My own personal experiences with her and I may as well say this now but in general I always picked the female character's in fighting games. They tended to be in the style that I liked to play. Often they were faster character then their male cast and I like to play fast characters so they were a natural fit. This was before puberty mind you so growing up I never really thought anything was wrong with the way she looked. Id also argue that if she wasn't a worthwhile character to women that no women would want to dress up as her. Which as we know lots of women do.

Covering the tropes of fighting games Mai is a big influence on things like breast physics and other fanservicy things. Since the topic of are these depictions sexist is bound to come up i'll say no. She's sexy that's for sure but it's not like she's any sort of negative female stereotype she's a romantic at heart who wants her dream guy. Outside of masturbatory fantasy’s she's not some sort of lude women. In fact from what characterization there is of her. She's very much into being a women and being feminine. Her major fantasy is considered kind of juvenile but a common one all the same.

Since Mai wants to be a wife that likely means that she has children in mind somewhere down the road. I have no doubt that she'd be a good mother at least from the depictions I've seen. She has several positive female traits.

Basic Traits Breakdown

kind, loving, a romantic, has aspirations of being a good wife and parent. Is attractive. Physically fit and capable of taking care of herself. Is a FREAKING NINJA.

Her outfit is considered to reveling to some. If her behavior towards Andy was look at in another light it may be considered stalkerish.

Well that's what I think of for the first one I kind of hoped it would be longer but given the nature of fighting games I don't have too much to go on other then win quotes and a few other pieces of media. I am in no way a expert on everything so if you see a character and feel that there's something important you'd like discussed please feel free to PM me. Constructive Criticism is welcome.   read

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