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12:02 PM on 08.14.2011

BulletStorm Review

<a href=""><img src="" alt="" title="Bulletstorm thumper" width="640" height="383" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-521" /></a>

Bulletstorm is a fairly unique game with some good ideas, but ultimately leaves a bittersweet taste in my mouth. The game starts off good, and it ends good, but everything in between is kinda just........<strong>blah</strong>. It does have some unique gameplay elements such as the energy whip that allows you to pull enemies and objects towards you. There are skillshots which give you bonus points depending on where you shoot someone. The nutshot is particularly brutal, you can guess where it gets it's name. You can also kick people off buildings, into spikes or electric fields, or.......just kick their heads off. The game has very brutal and exaggerated kills, but it's done in more of a comical way as opposed to a sick or twisted way. Depending on how you kill enemies you will get more or less points, with these points you can purchase new weapons, upgrades for your weapons, ammo, and other abilities.

The weapons are quite varied and get the job done, there are assault rifles, a sniper, a gun that shoots drill heads, a sniper that allows you to literally control the bullet, and a load of other wacky weapons. The only problem is you can't continually use guns to kill enemies. If you want points you must alternate the way you are killing people, you have to switch the type of kill every time. This get's annoying because sometimes in a hectic situation you really need to use your guns, and you get penalized for not killing enemies in a different way every time. This leads to a repetitive cycle where you shoot one guy, kick the next guy, shoot one guy, leach pull the next. It all becomes boring and the main draw of the game "always try to get Skill kills" becomes tedious. Sometimes you just wanna shoot people and not worry about how, why, or with what.

<a href=""><img src="" alt="" title="bulletstorm oh noes" width="640" height="360" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-516" /></a>

The story is not bad, but it's not very good either. You are leader of a group of space pirates, you play as Grayson Hunt. To sum the story up as quickly as possible you and your pirates are doing a job for this guy named General Sarrano. The mission goes wrong and you want revenge, then something goes even worse and you spend most of the game trying to survive on a planet and hunt down sarrano. You are accompanied by one of your crew named Ichi, you kinda have a love hate relationship with him as you will see. The dialogue is very comical and can get annoying at times, but if you take it for what it is you wont mind it.

Characters and environments look pretty good, the graphic style is kinda like unreal tournament. Over all the graphics are better then average, there is a lot of color and richness in the game. All the weapons look pretty cool, and have good animations. Enemies are varied so you will fight plenty of different enemies types, but most of the time you end up fighting the same grunts over and over. Thankfully there are some good boss fights throw in to keep things interesting. My time with the game lasted probably around 10 hours, and to be honest it was 10 hours too many. The game kinda dragged on at points and i looked forward to when it would be over. The multiplayer is another horde like mode where you fight wave after wave and try to get the highest score. Fighting wave after wave is fun for a little while but will get old pretty quickly.

<a href=""><img src="" alt="" title="bulletstorm kick" width="640" height="360" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-517" /></a>

To conclude i thought this game had potential to be really unique and fun, but that fun only last's so long before it becomes tedious and gimmicky. I would recommend this to FPS fans that really like fast paced shooters, and people who like the idea of stringing together kills for points. For everyone else i don't know if i would recommend this game, it doesn't feel like it's worth the $60 price tag to me.

I give this game a 3/5


11:53 AM on 08.14.2011

Crysis 2 Review

<a href=""><img src="" alt="" title="Crysis 2" width="640" height="359" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-363" /></a>

I will start off this review saying that this game is amazing in almost every category. The graphics, sound, and gameplay are some of the best around, seriously this game delivers where it counts. This game has some jaw dropping visual's and some of the coolest sounding weapons you will ever fire. Everything graphically is stunning, the environments, the lighting, the textures, and pretty much everything else. The musical score is very good as well, makes you feel like your in this epic movie. The game is not short, my playtime landed in at just under 8 hours, so that is a pretty good campaign length. More then likely you will want to play threw again because there are so many ways to approach things. The game is not easy, so keep that in mind and play with your head, not your balls.

<a href=""><img src="" alt="" title="Crysis 2...oh noes" width="640" height="361" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-365" /></a>

The Story is surprisingly deep, without giving too much away you play as a solider named Alcatraz who finds himself waking up in a suit after barely escaping a sinking submarine. You don't know how you got there, or how your in this suit, but slowly throughout the game you will be trickled more information and see more flashbacks from the suits previous owner. Everyone friend or foe are under the impression you are a man called prophet, and in the beginning you start to realize threw flashbacks in your suits memory who this guy is, and how you ended up in this suit. You will also notice that the aliens are not the only adversaries you have to worry about, there is also an organization called CryNet hunting you for the suit. CryNet you fight more in the first half of the game. The soldiers you fight mainly consist of basic grunts, but once in a while you will encounter more challenging enemies that are more elite.

<a href=""><img src="" alt="" title="Crysis 2 gun" width="640" height="361" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-364" /></a>

The Gameplay is very good, with tight aiming and controls. The weapons are alot of fun, you have your basic, assault rifles, shotgun, sniper, submachine guns, rockets, grenade launchers, and alien weapons. Most of the weapons are customizable, you can add different scopes and some guns have grenade launchers or shotgun attachments. The aiming is nice and satisfying when you pull of head shots. If you feel like being really aggressive you can run in there and melee people to death. Tossing objects like tv's at people is funny. You can even power kick cars into enemies, that is a lot of fun. There are a couple of driving and gunner sequences, they are rare but are a nice treat when you get to play them.

Here is the rundown of how your suit works, you have an energy meter that goes to 100, the more and more things you do with your suit the more and more it depletes. Your 2 major abilities are armor and stealth, you can get different modules threw the game that allow you to get more out of these two capabilities. When you kill an alien they drop a currency you can use to purchase these modules. When your under direct fire you activate armor so you dont take damage to your health, instead your suit and energy bar take the damage. With Stealth you're invisible and you can sneak around the map stealth killing people or pull off nice sniper shots. Some of the modules allow you to do new moves like the air stomp, air stomp allows you to fall on your enemies from above and ground pound them.

Now for the online, the versus can be very spotty in terms of lag and just weird stuff going on. I see a reccuring theme with games published by EA, they always have multiplayer problems. I don't know why EA cant sort out their server problems, it is a shame because the foundation for this games multiplayer is there, but the servers hinder the experience. There are all of your standard modes of play, and you can pick a loadout with what abilities you want to use in between deaths. The multiplayer is kind of a mix between halo reach and call of duty. Like Halo you have the different armor and suit abilities, and like call of duty you can pick your load out, weapons, and abilities. The Maps are all straight from the campaign, so you should know where you are even if your new. Maybe with some updates this game can be as good as it should be, here is to hoping.

<a href=""><img src="" alt="" title="Crysis 2 vs" width="640" height="361" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-366" /></a>

Other negatives are some frame rate problems in the campaign, animation glitches, and audio glitches. None of them are a big deal, but you will encounter them. Sometimes when picking up an enemy to toss them the animation will glitch and look really choppy. There are also audio glitches throughout the game where there is just weird noise in the background, this happened to me a couple of times. These problems are more about the game not being polished as well as maybe it could have been, but im sure they will be fixed in future updates.

So those are my thoughts on the game, over all i thought it was one of the best games of the year. The graphics are unmatched currently on consoles, and while yes graphics aren't everything, they are certainly something, and this game knows it. Anyone looking for a single player experience should go buy this today, if you only are interested in multiplayer i still recommend it, just keep in mind it will not be perfect.
I give Crysis 2 an Epic 5/5   read

10:43 AM on 04.02.2010

Console Rivalry

All the console rivalry can get a bit ridiculous at times don't you think?. I mean a degree of competitiveness can be healthy for the industry and for gamers, but sometimes people can get out of hand. All the hate and smack talking between fanboys is pathetic, and it needs to to be taken down a notch. Every console is good, every system has it's pro's and con's. No console is better then the other, the only thing that makes one better then the other is the person and their preferences. The only thing that makes the Xbox 360 better is that it aquire's to "my" tastes better. The only thing that makes the Playstation 3 better is that it aquire's to "my" taste's better. The only thing that makes the Wii better is that it aquire's to "my" tastes better. Better graphics or processors don't necessarily make a system better .Look at the original xbox compared to the PS2.

The Xbox was more powerful but that didn't make it better, not in the eye's of critics or consumers. The same goes with the PS3, just because the PS3 technically has the best hardware doesn't mean in reality it's best. I love how back in the day original xbox fans claimed their system was better because it had better graphics and gameplay, and PS2 fans claimed that graphics weren't everything and the games were most important. Now you have the opposite lol. PS3 fans claim their system is better because it has better graphics and a better processor, and xbox fans claim graphics aren't everything and that their games are better, make up your mind guys. The Wii fans claim because their controller is special and they have sold the most that they are the best. None of these things make one console the best, only the people's personal tastes make one the best. Each console has things that make it worth owning, your job is to find which one is right for you.

The PS3 is a great value for those that want a blu ray player and impressive games. The Xbox 360 is great for those that want really great online functionality and play and really good across the board games. And the Wii is great for casual gamers and for those that love nintendo games. I own all 3 and i can tell you they are all great systems and are all worth owning. So please stop all this dumb console fighting and picking on each other, it doesn't get either side anywhere. All it does is get both sides mad.

I mean come on what basis do you have to talk bad about the other consoles games? Playing the game in a store or at your friends house doesn't qualify you to trash talk Halo, Gears, Killzone, Zelda, LBP , ect. It is fine to like your system and think it's best, but to attack fans of other systems is wrong. We all find people out there that are causing trouble and talking smack against the games you love, but how you react to them will determine what they accomplish. So i will end with this, please everyone have a more open mind when it comes to gaming, trust me gaming can be alot more fun when you can enjoy all consoles, when you realize this gaming will way more enjoyable.   read

10:29 AM on 04.02.2010

My thoughts on what the next Xbox could be....

Before you read keep in mind that this is just my idea of what they could do with the next xbox if it were a purely digital download machine, thank you.

Microsoft in the last couple of years have been talking alot about digital download being the future. Downloading games, movies, and whatever else. I think the next Xbox should be a purely digital download machine, with no disc drive. Now this would for so many reasons be an impossibility, be it that not everyone has internet ( so they wouldn't be able to download the games ), or not everyone wants to buy with a credit card ( or even has one ), or people still want to buy games with cash ( i would sometimes ), and many other reasons. And i have thought of some ways that you wouldn't have those problems.

But first lets start with why i think digital download would be the best way to go. Firstly the next xbox will not be able to use regular dvd's anymore, for the next gen console's it just wont cut it with storage space. Then you may say they should go with blu ray, i disagree. Firstly blu ray is better then a dvd and has a lot more storage, but because of it having more storage it takes longer to read the discs and therefore longer to load. Blu ray is not like the jump from cartridge to cd, it will not cut it either with the next gen console's. Digital download would take out the need for developing a new type of disc or something of that nature. Also digital download would give ease to the consumer. And one more thing, the next xbox wouldn't have a disc drive at all which would cut down on noise, load times, and heating.

How would a purely digital download machine work though ? Well first of all it would have to have a massive storage space to fit all of the data, im thinking a terabyte standard on the next xbox. With that much storage space you wouldn't have to worry about running out of room to store all of your games. Also this much memory would allow developers to make whatever game they want, they wouldn't be restricted by a disc ( only by how much memory microsoft would let them use, im sure they would have restrictions on how big it could be ). With this amount storage space you could just download every game that comes out threw the xbox live marketplace directly onto your system, and just play without ever having to leave your home.

But what about those who want to buy a game at the store? Or pay with cash? Well what microsoft could do is establish a sort of gaming vending machine if you will, these game distributing machines would be located at any normal place they sell games. How this would work is that when you buy the next xbox it comes with some sort of memory card, and you can take that to whatever store, plug it in to the machine, scroll threw all the games available and purchase the game with either cash or credit card. Then the game downloads into your memory card, you take it home and play it. And for those who want to buy gifts for people you could also have game cards, the same as there are cards for buying xbox points or xbox live, there is a game card for any game that exist's. So i could walk into the store and buy gears of war 3 game card, go home type the card into the marketplace and wa la im am downloading gears of war 3.

Something like this maybe
[img] Game Vending Machine.jpg[/img]

One last idea which could even be the biggest is the potential for the gaming companies with this. They would no longer have to have a middle man like bestbuy or gamestop to bother with, they wouldn't have to have the games manufactured and made, and all the other fees entailed with gaming today. They would just be able to sell it directly threw the marketplace and sell it themselves without the cost or trouble of having best buy or gamestop sell the game. They would make most of the money instead of the stores making most of the money.

Well that was a long read i know, most probably didn't even read it lol. But those are my thoughts on what they could do with the next Xbox. Hope you enjoyed reading my ideas.

Written by: Robert Mullins   read

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