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Irish451 avatar 9:22 AM on 10.11.2011  (server time)
Short blurb on ME3

To preface, I was hoping my first blog would carry more pomp and circumstance, but I need to get this off of my chest.

In response to the multiplayer ME3 report.

My eyes were thick with BLOOD when the leak came that the game was probably going to have multiplayer. WHY I asked, WHY take away from what a great series IS and try to make it something else? WHY take resources away from finishing the story, and providing the best possible single player finale to one of this millennium's greatest new IP's. WHY accommodate the adolescent's need for competitive online multiplayer!?

Then I read this article. If what this says is true, and it's cooperative, NOT mandatory, and not a single breath of effort was lost in developing this mode in conjunction with the rest of the game...then I'm OK with it.

Not just OK.

Excited even.

But so help me god. If this ends up taking away from the experience by even one Iota, I'm done with EA. For good. They've bastardized enough of the things I find great about gaming (Bullfrog! Whyyyyy!) and perpetuated the cancer that is bland competitive multiplayer.

I'm serious EA.

DON'T fuck this up.

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