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Iolaus's blog

1:28 PM on 05.13.2008

BK:3 - Pain, Disappointment, Sadness

I can honestly not think of a single time in my life when I have felt more crushed and disappointed than I am right now. Context: I played Banjo Kazooie 1 + 2 back in the day, and Banjo Tooie remains my second favourite game...   read

2:18 PM on 04.14.2008

Swapgame are a bunch of wankers.

It's a little bit long, but it has pictures, and if it stops you from giving these people money, then it was worth it. These guys: are f*****g criminals! So you may have heard of these people before, you may not. This is ...   read

11:36 AM on 04.10.2008

'Pokémon - Master Trainer' Board Game GET!

For a while now I've been wanting to post a c-blog, I had already posted a Turning Point blog and have since wanted to offer something a bit more substantial to Destructoid. I felt as though it was giving me so much and I was...   read

10:20 AM on 03.09.2008

Not my Turning Point gaming rig

This is my gaming rig for the Turning Point competition. Dell Xps M170 Laptop: 2.26 Intel Centrino CPU 2GB Ram NVIDIA GeForce Go 7800 GTX 80GB HDD My 32" AOC HD TV with 2.1 LG Speakers. And last but no means least; my Nintendo Wii. My Laptop's good for most games but it's not great for the more demanding games. And i need more storage. But alas; I have no money; I'm a student.   read

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