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I'm a slacker at heart, a slacker that spends most of his time playing guitar or playing games on the PC or the xbox 360. Sometimes I whip out my N64 or PS2 for some good old nostalgia. I like games with substance, games that I can play how I want (Deus Ex style, for example) and ones where I generally feel like I'm accomplishing something, and when I'm told I'm getting superpowers, I want superpowers dammit!
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I have been meaning to buy Psychonauts for a while now, and was almost ready to fork out the cash for it a few days ago on Good Old Games.

Now I'm happy I didn't, as Steam is currently selling the game at the insane price of 1 for their Midweek Madness sale. Click here to go to the store page right now. I'd say you are a fool to pass this up.