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So...a little bit about

Hmm. Well, i like zombies.

And waffles. Yes, those are good.


Oh yeah, I write a video game review column occasionally over at as well at

I also write and record comedy music...I have an album coming out and everything. Call it "nerdcore" or "dementia" or whatever. It's good stuff, if you like geeky little songs about videogames and sci-fi. You can find that stuff at or at my website

So, yeah...that works.

Did I mention the zombies?

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So, not only was I hit with the Y2K9 bug on my Zune today, but my Xbox 360 just got the three Red Rings of Doom.



I finally get two days off from work in a row (let a lone two days off PERIOD), which happen to coincide with my birthday (yay New Year's Baby!), where all I want to do is spend it listening to music and catching up on my backlog of games...and my two resources FOR those things up and die.

Happy 30th Birthday Ian!

So not fair.

Oh well, at least I found out Nick posted a column about my "WOW, Christmas!" song

Too bad no one saw that, since it was posted on X-mas day...c'mon folks! I'm looking for feedback on the tune! Comment on Nick's post, or here! I'd like to know if some of the Destructoid regs are interested in my nerdly album of videogame and sci-fi comedy tunes, or if i'm wasting my breath on this blog.

Much appreciated ^_^

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