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Hey, Simon here. I live in the UK and am currently living the student life at university.

I mainly play on the XBOX 360, but since moving to university, I have been forced to leave it at my parents house for the time being. In the mean time I am focusing more and more on PC games. If you do see my gamertag online it will most likely be my brother who is making the most of me not being home at the moment.

Mainly play about on Team Fortress 2 and will be sacrificing a large portion of my time to Borderlands when it is released.

One of my greatest past times is the search for extremely good flash games, which I personally feel get underlooked sometimes.

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I am a huge fan of flash games, and they are some of the most popular games out there. However, because so many are made and so many of them are bad, they usually get overlooked or are not in the limelight for that long. This is not a review, just a recommendation.

Judging from the title of this post, you can tell what I thought this was at first. And I was right, kind of. While the styles of the two games are very similar, Deep is a top down shooter, and if you liked how Flow looked, you will be happy here. The structure is very simple and there is a reasonable difficultly curve, however the bosses can take a while at times.

Deep can be as tactical as you want it to be. You can go it alone in each level or utilise your allies to your advantage. The AI in this game is very good and can offer up a reasonable challenge. The controls are fine, although I wish the game was faster at times.

While it is not the best top down shooter out there, it is one of the best made out there. Check this out on notDoppler if you are interested.

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