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Insane Ian's blog

4:42 PM on 12.31.2008

Apparently, the Micro$oft Gods hate me...

So, not only was I hit with the Y2K9 bug on my Zune today, but my Xbox 360 just got the three Red Rings of Doom. FOR THE THIRD TIME. Motherfucker. I finally get two days off from work in a row (let a lone two days off PERI...   read

10:09 AM on 12.27.2008

Dr. Demento's Funny 25 for 2008...featuring my GUITAR HERO song!

So...the Dr. Demento Show...y'know, the radio show that gave "Weird Al" his start? Well, their Funny 25 songs list for 2008 just posted... playlist courtesy of The Dr. Demento Show The Dr. Demento Show #08-52 - December 28...   read

2:11 AM on 12.25.2008

Merry Feast of Winter Veil: AKA "W.O.W., Christmas!"

So, i posted about the contest a few days ago...and I got third place! Awesome! Thanks to all who voted, and a Merry Feast of Winter Veil to all! Oh, and, obviously, the song is now available for free download from W00t indeed.   read

4:59 PM on 12.20.2008

It's a World of Warcraft Christmas!

Hey there, friends! I'm sure you're all full of figgy pudding and merry wishes for the holidays (and strung out from shopping...gotta boost that economy!) but if you get a chance, hit up the following site: http://www.thema...   read

1:01 AM on 10.31.2008

Celebrate Halloween with a Resident Evil...COMEDY SONG?!

That's right, from the guy who brought you the song about "Guitar Hero""Guitar Hero", comes, just in time for Halloween, his song about the survival horror series "Resident Evil". "Umbrella Chronicles" is a pa...   read

1:29 PM on 10.30.2008

Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles...the SONG?

That's right, from the guy who brought you the song about "Guitar Hero""Guitar Hero", comes, just in time for Halloween, his song about the survival horror series "Resident Evil". "Umbrella Chronicles" is a pa...   read

11:52 AM on 10.22.2008

Request GUITAR HERO (The Song) and have it reach the Top Ten the day GUITAR HERO (The Game) hits stores!

Hey some may know, I'm a comedy music artist. I recently wrote and recorded a song about Guitar Hero called...well, GUITAR HERO. It's a parody of JUKE BOX HERO by Foreigner and we think it's pretty damn awesome. ...   read

1:57 AM on 10.22.2008

On Nov 4th, celebrate election day with DLC of the PRESIDENTS!

That's the Presidents of the United States of America...THE BAND! That's right, one of the coolest , rokin-est bands alive, PUSA (no, not POTUSA) will have a 3 song track pack for DLC on Xbox live on Nov. 4th, election day. ...   read

1:20 AM on 10.17.2008


Holy crap in a hat...just got back from a press sneak preview screening of MAX PAYNE It''s so horrible! I'm a huge fan of the games and this was just one of, if not THE worst video game adaptations I'...   read

1:30 PM on 08.26.2008


So, anything having to do with zombies...I'm there. After catching a trailer or two on this kind of on-the-down-low game that uses what looks like Google maps as stage settings, I became interested when I heard the word &quo...   read

2:30 PM on 07.30.2008

Sonic Warriors Ep. 7 "Jerk In The Box"

So, if you're not sure what the Sonic Warriors are, a quick lesson: The Sonic Warriors, Jeff and Carlos, fight crime and villainy where ever it may lay. Aided by their Chief, The Chief, they uphold justice and stop corrupti...   read

4:35 PM on 07.28.2008

My "Guitar Hero" Song is CLIMBING THE CHARTS!

The comedy music charts, that is. Yes, for the month of July, my song "Guitar Hero", from my upcoming album "n3rds0ngs", is number THREE on The Dr Demento radio show...the very same radio show that "Weird Al" Yankovic got his start on! Woo! You can go here to request it: Or here to view it!   read

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