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So...a little bit about

Hmm. Well, i like zombies.

And waffles. Yes, those are good.


Oh yeah, I write a video game review column occasionally over at as well at

I also write and record comedy music...I have an album coming out and everything. Call it "nerdcore" or "dementia" or whatever. It's good stuff, if you like geeky little songs about videogames and sci-fi. You can find that stuff at or at my website

So, yeah...that works.

Did I mention the zombies?

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Hey some may know, I'm a comedy music artist. I recently wrote and recorded a song about Guitar Hero called...well, GUITAR HERO. It's a parody of JUKE BOX HERO by Foreigner and we think it's pretty damn awesome. So do a lot of people actually, as it has hit the Top Ten countdown on the Dr Demento Show, a national syndicated novelty radio show (that gave a certain Weird Al Yankovic his comedy start).

Here is the song itself:

Now, Dr Demento's Top Ten is aired the end of each month, and this month's happens to fall on October 26th...the same day GUITAR HERO WORLD TOUR hits you see what i'm getting at? How AWESOME would it be for my song ABOUT Guitar Hero to reach the Top Ten (or even, number one?) the day and date the new GAME of Guitar Hero hits store shelves? That'd be pretty frikkin' killer, if you ask me (of course, i just may be a BIT biased).

To help out, you can go here:
and request "Guitar Hero" by Insane Ian. I'd really appreciate it.

Also, check out the music video below!

See more funny videos at Funny or Die

Again, hope you all dig the song, and thanks for all your help!

That's the Presidents of the United States of America...THE BAND! That's right, one of the coolest , rokin-est bands alive, PUSA (no, not POTUSA) will have a 3 song track pack for DLC on Xbox live on Nov. 4th, election day. Included in the track pack are the new single, "Ladybug" from their new album "These Are The Good Times People", as well as two tracks from their eponymous debut album, "Dune Buggy" and "Feather Pluckn". This information was announced by band frontman and "basitartist" Chris Ballew on the band's website,

Now, I'm all for PUSa music in Rock Band, but personally...where's Peaches? And hell, where's the love for their second album, "II"? Give me Tiki God ANY day...

Still, can't fault them for these songs...the latter two tear up the pogo-ing fools at their live shows, and "Ladybug" just had it's music video released EXCLUSIVELY on Xbox Live Marketplace TODAY so, the timing couldn't be sweeter.

Plus...The Presidents on election day? Sure, they released their second album on the same day in '96, but that, for me, never gets old with these guys.

Here's the video for their first single from the new album, directed by none other than Weird Al Yankovic!

Where's HIS DLC for Rock Band!?! I know *I* always sing "The Rye or The Kaiser" instead of "The Eye of the Tiger", don't you?

Holy crap in a hat...just got back from a press sneak preview screening of MAX PAYNE It''s so horrible!

I'm a huge fan of the games and this was just one of, if not THE worst video game adaptations I've EVER seen. It makes an Uwe Boll movie look ACCURATE.

It's like they looked at a character overlay of the game, grabbed the names, took the Aesir company name and the Valkyr drug, and wrote a movie around that, never playing the game.

Hell, they didn't even take ALL the characters...the mob element? GONE. Jack Lupino (the boss from the FIRST LEVEL) is the big bad here...well, excepting some dumb "twist". It's not film noir,'s just some badly done cop movie...I wouldn't even call it a "mystery" film.

Plus, and worst of all...THERE'S NO ACTION IN THIS MOVIE! All the cool shit you see in the trailer...the slow motion gun shots, Max capping fools...that's about a 2 minute trailer, yes? Well, THAT'S THE ONLY ACTION IN THE MOVIE. Those two minutes. And the movie is 100 minutes long.

Well, let's say you're not familiar with the games, you go into this fresh. There's a long boring set up that makes NO sense as they establish characters that don't DO anything (Mona Sax is a WHAT in this film? Seriously, who is she, what is she doing and why do I care? It's so ambiguous, you wonder why she's along, or helping Max at all) and the "plot" is so convoluted and dumb that you won't really give a shit anyway. You'll just wonder where the two minutes of action from the trailer is. Oh, there it is...spread out over the last 20 minutes of the film.

Just terrible. And the trailer made it look so good, too. So much for actually having a GOOD Video Game movie.

Admitedly, it's not the director's fault...I blame the writer. The movie LOOKS's just not MAX PAYNE.

So, anything having to do with zombies...I'm there. After catching a trailer or two on this kind of on-the-down-low game that uses what looks like Google maps as stage settings, I became interested when I heard the word "zombie" involved. The game is set to hit the network on Thursday, but damn if the demo isn't out now. Just downloaded it and installed, but no time to play yet as I have to head back to work (i was on my lunch break at home). Anyone play this yet? i didn't see much zombie action from the trailer, but apparently from the game's description, you ARE a zombie...that saves people? Color me confused. I'll be back with my impressions later. -Insane Ian

So, if you're not sure what the Sonic Warriors are, a quick lesson:

The Sonic Warriors, Jeff and Carlos, fight crime and villainy where ever it may lay. Aided by their Chief, The Chief, they uphold justice and stop corruption...and enjoy sandwiches.

Basically...they're the Power Rangers...with swearing.

In the seventh episode, we find the Sonic Warriors, Jeff and Carlos, interrupted while having innocent beach fun so that they may take down an enemy of corregated proportions. Bodacious boxing and devilish destruction ensue. Enjoy this action packed tale that will test your soul to its limits.

Featuring...yours truly in a key role.

The comedy music charts, that is. Yes, for the month of July, my song "Guitar Hero", from my upcoming album "n3rds0ngs", is number THREE on The Dr Demento radio show...the very same radio show that "Weird Al" Yankovic got his start on! Woo!

You can go here to request it:

Or here to view it!