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Insane Ian blog header photo
Insane Ian

Insane Ian's Blog of DOOM...or some such nerdy thing

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Mario VS Luigi

New song from my comedy/nerdcore CD, 'The Last Arcade". MvL In case the embed code doesn't work: http://www.thefump.com/fump.php?id=1325 Tell me what ya think...


n3rds0ngs album art

So, in case you give a crap...here's the cover art to my full length comedy CD called "n3rds0ngs". Front cover art by the amazing Kyle Carrozza. Back cover design by me and my friend Bob. Pre-order now at www.InsaneIan.com !


n3rds0ngs: pre-order details!

hey folks! Insane Ian's full length CD, n3rds0ngs, is now available for pre-order at his website, http://www.InsaneIan.com ! The album features 17 tracks, including his hit song "Guitar Hero" as heard on the nationally synd...


It's a World of Warcraft Christmas!

Hey there, friends! I'm sure you're all full of figgy pudding and merry wishes for the holidays (and strung out from shopping...gotta boost that economy!) but if you get a chance, hit up the following site: http://www.thema...


About Insane Ianone of us since 2:01 AM on 05.07.2008

So...a little bit about myself..about...me.

Hmm. Well, i like zombies.

And waffles. Yes, those are good.


Oh yeah, I write a video game review column occasionally over at www.quickstopent.com/gameon as well at http://www.comicmix.com/contributor/ian-bonds/

I also write and record comedy music...I have an album coming out and everything. Call it "nerdcore" or "dementia" or whatever. It's good stuff, if you like geeky little songs about videogames and sci-fi. You can find that stuff at www.myspace.com/n3rds0ngs or at my website http://www.InsaneIan.com

So, yeah...that works.

Did I mention the zombies?


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